Why videos are becoming so powerful in digital marketing

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Beautiful, engaging, valuable copy is genuinely appreciated and loved by those fortunate enough to come across it during their online browsing. More and more people online want to be entertained. Here is why videos are becoming so powerful in digital marketing.

Enter video marketing. 

Marketing videos are nothing new.  In fact, this form of marketing has been around for a very long time.  However, many more brands have tapped into this effective form of advertising and are now promoting and marketing their products and services by posting more videos online. 

People love videos – there is no doubt about that and videos are becoming so powerful in digital marketing, that it’s safe to say that videos should be a part of every organization’s digital marketing strategy. Armed with plenty of data and a reliable internet connection, online browsers could watch videos all day, which is precisely what’s happening.  For example, YouTube sees people watch 1 billion hours of social videos every single day.  

When you hear this, you realize how video marketing needs to be part of your digital marketing strategy. There are many video formats available, such as Q&A videos, interviews, vlogs (video blog), tutorials, product reviews, webinars and events. Creating video marketing isn’t about creating new content but rather, interpreting your existing content in a creative way. It’s also about being versed in the trends around your industry that might appeal to your target audience.

The sheer power of video marketing

With the sharing culture we now live in, videos are easily shared with a number of people, giving you more exposure.

Video through email marketing: Email marketing is useful as you can personalise your messaging to your market. More than that, you can use it as an opportunity to give your target market more information about your product or services. The best way to do that is with videos. Emails containing a video can lead to a dramatic increase in click-through-rates.

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For the love of search engines: Search engines love video content too. There’s nothing more engaging than video to the consumer, and there’s nothing more appealing than engaging content to search engines. Placing your video content on the largest video search engine, YouTube, in addition to your website, gives you more opportunities to appear on SERPs.

Create your credibility: People don’t buy from brands, they buy from people. With that in mind, bringing personality to your brand and making it come across as human can bring you more leads. Video is the best way to achieve this. When people watch a person speak to them about a product or service they’re interested in, they’re more likely to trust that brand and that gives you credibility in your industry. Videos are helpful and more people are making decisions on a purchase because of an engaging video they’ve watched.

Pull the curtain on your company:  Consumers are deciding on products and services based on how much they know about the brand offering those products or services.  You can share teasers to products or services that are upcoming or show how a popular product gets made via videos. When people feel like they’re getting behind the scenes, they feel more in control of the decisions they make on products and services they need.

Hike your conversion rates: It’s been proven that consumers tend to buy a product after watching an explainer video. Placing videos on your website landing page can keep potential consumers on your site – the longer they’re on your website, the more of your brand they consume. People spend a lot of their days online for one reason or another. With that in mind, creating video content will ease the way your target audience consumes your information.

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Start creating video content today. Bear in mind that where you place your video also determines how long the video should be. According to Hubspot, the Instagram duration is 30 seconds, the Twitter duration is 45 seconds, the Facebook duration is 1 minute and YouTube duration is 2 minutes. These durations give you an indication of how long you have to engage your potential target audience. 

Video content is powerful in digital marketing has grown in leaps and bounds and shows no signs of stopping so, get shooting.

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