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Cisco CCNP Enterprise

In today’s rival marketplace, having a competitive advantage is the only way to stand out from the crowd. Without a doubt, an IT certification gives you the edge you need. With the credential such as Cisco CCNP Enterprise, you can explore various opportunities that are presented to you. The recruiters are looking for the professionals who possess hands-on skills and knowledge to optimally deliver in their job role.

The CCNP Enterprise credentialvalidates the individual’s skills in enterprise networking solutions. The new professional-level certification path was launched on February 24, 2020, and the good news is that the requirements have been slightly reduced. So if you have been contemplating about enhancing your certificate level, now is the right time to pursue CCNP Enterprise. In this article, we will look at the general requirements for earning this new Cisco credential.

Cisco CCNP EnterpriseCertification: Important Details

To earn this new Cisco certificate, there are two exams that you have to pass. One of them covers core enterprise technologies (Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification Exam Dumps ) while another is a concentration test that you have to choose from a list. Your choice is mostly dependent on your current or aspired job roles and interests. This providesyou with the opportunity to personalize your credential based on your technical focus area.

  • Core Exam

Cisco 350-401 ENCOR is designed to evaluate your knowledge and skills in the implementation of core enterprise infrastructure and network technologies, which include virtualization, network assurance, infrastructure, automation, security, and dual stack (IPv4 & IPv6) architecture. This exam is also a major prerequisite for earning the CCIE Enterprise Wireless and the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certificates.

Cisco 350-401, or Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies, is available in English and Japanese. The time duration allotted for its completion is 120 minutes.The registration process for this new certification exam is the same as for the old ones. You have to register with Pearson VUE and schedule the date with the administrator. It’s very critical that you prepare ahead to be able to ace your test without stress.

  • Concentration Exams

As mentioned above, obtaining the CCNP Enterprise credential requires that the students pass the core exam and one concentration test. The latter covers the industry-focused and emerging topics, such as SD-WAN, automation, wireless, and network design. There is a list of six exams to choose from in this category. They include:

  • Cisco 300-410 (ENARSI);
  • Cisco 300-415 (ENSDWI);
  • Cisco 300-420 (ENSLD);
  • Cisco 300-425 (ENWLSD);
  • Cisco 300-430 (ENWLSI);
  • Cisco 300-435 (ENAUTO).
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You have to choose one of these to complete the requirements for earning the Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification. It is important to mention that apart from the two tests, there are no other formal prerequisites for getting the credential. However, it is recommended that you have an excellent understanding of the exam topics before you take your specific test. In addition to this, you should have at least three to five years of work experience in the implementation of enterprise networking solutions.

Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification: Benefits

It has already been established that the IT certifications significantly increase one’s chance of landing his/her dream job. There are many reasons why the recruiters look out for the professionals with a specific certificate. One of the reasons is their belief that such individuals have the required knowledge and skills to deliver on the job requirements. This is quite true because when going through the certification process, you gain hands-on skills and knowledge of the exam content, which can be translated to functional skills at your job place. If you are still wondering if the CCNP Enterprise credential is a great option for you, below are some of the reasons why you should give it a strong consideration:

  • It increases your employability and potential for promotion;
  • It provides you with increased salary potentials;
  • It grants you an easy and fast career leap;
  • It guarantees respect among the peers.

Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification Exams: Preparation Tips

The fact that you don’t need to earn a previous certificate before you pursue CCNP Enterprise makes it a little tricky. For instance, if you had to take an associate-level exam before taking the professional-levelone, you would develop your test-taking skills and understand the pattern. Without formal prerequisites, this means thatany test forCisco CCNP Enterprise may also be your first certification exam ever. So, how do you prepare to ensure you pass it at your first attempt? You shouldn’t worry; you only need to use the appropriate study materials and you can ace your test(s) and earn your credential. Let’s look at some basic steps that will significantly increase your success.

  • Develop a study plan
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Before taking any of the exams for the CCNP Enterprise certificate, you need to understand the content. To be able to cover all the components, you should have a study plan in place. To do this, go over the objectivesand break them into manageable chunks. Create a plan around studying each of the grouped components and put a timeline to it. With this, you can monitor your progress.

  • Take a training course

Although going the route of self-paced study is not a bad idea, we recommend that youtake a look atthe official training courses led by the instructors to increase your chance of success. By taking a course, you will learn from the experts in the field. There are many platforms that offer training courses for these certification tests, for example, Cisco itself and Examsnap.

  • Take a practice test

Before you sit for your real exam, it is highly recommended that you take practice tests several times. With this, you get familiar with the pattern and you can evaluate your knowledge level and discover gaps that you need to cover. ( When it comes to the best resources for your preparation, there are many options available to you. Examsnap is one of the top prep platforms that offer the relevant and up-to-date study materials that also include mock tests.


The Cisco CCNP Enterprise credential is increasingly popular among the IT specialists, thus, we recommend that you consider obtaining it. Choose the concentration exam that you want to attempt, take all the study materials you need, and pass two required tests with high results in order to earn your desired certification.

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