Five ways to make your house feel like a home

house feel like a home

Moved into a new house, and it doesn’t feel like home yet? We’ve got some unique tips and tricks to make your new space warm and welcoming – just like home!

Start with photo frames

The first thing that probably comes to mind at the mention of ‘home’ is the people you love – and we don’t just mean your family. It could also be your friends, your coworkers… even your pets! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have visual reminders of special moments spent with them? Framing pictures that bring back happy memories is not only an aesthetic, decorative addition to your new space, but it could also have an uplifting effect – especially when you feel lonely and away from your family. Of course, you could also frame your favourite artworks, but pictures of loved ones are always more personal and great conversation starters with new people!

Set the right mood with lights

It’s no secret that the right lights can transform a space; as an easy example, notice how simply opening a window to let daylight indoors can change the vibe in the living room. While your new house will have existing, basic ambient lighting, you can personalize different spaces by adding table lamps, floor lamps, fairy lights, other plug-and-play sources of light as well as scented candles to create the right mood.

Make a statement with doors

While a complete overhaul of interior decor might be too taxing on the pocket, simply changing the doors in your house can drastically improve the space’s look and feel. In fact, a great way to get your house looking elegant and homely without breaking the bank is to keep the decor minimalistic while making a bold statement with doors and windows. While dark, contrasting wooden doors are ideal since they complement most interior design elements, you can choose from the vast variety Online Door Store offers.

Add cosy details

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Remember how the sofa in your childhood home, or the one at your grandma’s, always had a much-loved woollen throw and several plush cushions? You can recreate the nostalgia by adding cosy details like quilts, blankets, throws, cushions, curtains, rugs, carpets, etc. around the house. Even if you opt for a minimalistic style, you could create cosy corners where you can relax, with some scented candles to keep you company! After all, home and cosy-comfort go hand-in-hand, right?

Go green

This list would be incomplete without the mention of indoor plants! Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly turning to houseplants as the perfect roommates, a trend that has received much love and validation on social media too! But don’t let this social media success take away from the focus from the actual benefits of being surrounded by plants. Not only will houseplants add a touch of decorative calm in your new space – and epic pics for the gram – but they also purify the air, and positively impact mental health. Pro tip: Start with houseplants that are low maintenance; the death of houseplants is surprisingly painful!

We hope these tips help you create an atmosphere of calm, cosy comfort that transforms your new house into the home you’re dreaming of!

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