Documents required for Passport renewal

Documents required for Passport renewal

Passports is the legal proof and the document which is al necessity required while travelling domestically or internationally. Once a passport is issued it has legal date under which it is functioning before it expires. There’s however always the option of renewal for people who have a frequent need of a passport. 

Another reason to have the passport valid and working all the time is the fact that passport can act as an official government-approved ID proof. Considering it’s a legal document, it has high value and importance and therefore the process of it’s issuing as well as renewal require some official documentation. Along with documents, another type of verification is also done to assure the individual’s legitimate proof to be a legal citizen. 

A list of documents required

While filling out the online application form certain documents are required to be uploaded in the form of scanned copy before submitting the application. These documents are a necessity if an individual has to apply for a renewal of passport. Later on, the original documents have to be taken to the Passport Seva Kendra for verification in person. ( Some documents photocopies have to be submitted in the office. Sometimes the requirements might suggest the photocopies to be self-attested as well. 

All the documents required are as follows:

  • Identification evidence: A lawfully accepted and legalized record that contains the candidate’s complete name. This is required to be submitted as it is the documents that appear on legitimate records of the government as the person’s identification. 
  • Age evidence: A record that affirms the candidate’s date of birth is additionally required to be submitted. Birth certificate or a school leaving endorsement that obviously specifies the date of birth can act as age evidence as they have clearly mentioned the Date of birth of an individual written on them.
  • Address verification: Document that affirms where the candidate lives additionally should be submitted. The location that appears on the identity proof must be same as that filled in the passport renewal form. This acts as a verification that the address provided is correct.
  • Photos: Though most Passport Seva Kendra are outfitted with cameras intended to take passport estimated photos of the candidates, people are required to submit 2 late identification measured photos of themself while applying for passport renewal
  • Old visa booklet: The candidate is likewise required to present his/her terminated passport booklet before getting a new passport booklet issued from the passport Seva Kendra as per the guidelines. This is to testify the expiry date has actually reached and the old booklet is disqualified further.
  • Self-authenticated duplicate of first and last pages of the booklet: The individual is expected to submit self-bore witness to duplicates of the initial two and last two pages of the old visa booklet. 
  • Appointment booking receipt: If a meeting with the Passport Seva Kendra has been reserved on the web, the candidate would need to present a printout of the online available web page that shows the instalment, time, and date of appointment issued for the passport renewal process.
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In the case of frauds:

In case any misleading information is provided by an individual or wrong information is provided, false documentation is detected or a case of fraudulent individuals the whole process is immediately discontinued. The passport is sealed and required police officials are informed to take necessary precautionary actions. This is a case that is dealt with extreme care and importance. Those found submitting the false documentation for a passport renewal are considered as criminals and there’s imprisonment waiting for them. Only after clearance from the centre, they are eligible to apply again.

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