If Current Putlockers Are Not Working: Use These Alternatives

Today, almost everyone has a smartphone or a computer in their place. Everyone today is also looking for unlimited options for entertainment. But, almost all entertainment channels and platforms come up with a subscription fee. But many current Putlockers websites offer these entertainment sources for free. The putlocker websites were considered similar to the streaming websites for movies. It had millions of users and subscribers. But due to certain legal issues as well as piracy issues, the Putlocker websites were banned. Since almost 20 nations have banned the Putlocker website, many movie enthusiasts have opened current putlockers in different names. 


This article will provide you information about these putlockers, and it will also help you some other alternatives to get unlimited entertainment:


Current Putlockers new sites

All these websites are handled by the same team as the original team, and they provide the same content, as it was provided earlier. 



This website came just after the main site went down. You can easily use these putlockers to download movies free. You can watch unlimited new movies, old movies, as well as various TV series. The option provided on this website is quite impressive. You will love the collection of movies. The User Interface of the website is similar to the old one, which was green in color. (Tramadol) The Putlocker also has some mirrors on the internet, so you may have to be a bit careful about your choice.



If you want something similar to the original website, this is one of the best current putlockers. It will provide you the same value and videos as the original one. People who love to watch videos in HD Quality; this can be the perfect choice to make. You can also look for the movies released in the 70s and 80s at this website. For people who love to watch documentaries and anime series, this platform offers many options.



This platform is quite different in terms of look and feel, as compared to the original Putlocker website. But, the website is quite clean and user friendly. Four options are provided at this website, which includes movies, TV Shows, premium, and genres. So, you can choose the options as per your needs. You can also go through some of the latest released movies and TV shows through this Current version of Putlocker.



Well, this has just a change of alphabet, as compared to the previous platform. You can access the valuable data on this platform anytime you want. This platform is the default version of the original website. The platform was also created at the same time when the original site was formed. Thus, it has almost every feature and characteristics similar to the original Putlocker.


Are these safe options to use?

Well, for some countries, these are the safe versions. But many countries and their cyber department don’t allow these current versions of Putlockers. In this case, you can use these alternatives to Putlocker.


Let’s look at the best alternatives available:



This is one of the best streaming options available in the market. This platform has a very user-friendly interface, and it has a huge customer base. With its extensive library, you can watch any movie you want. Depending upon your internet speed, you can watch movies of different qualities on this website. If you are thinking about whether you can watch movies on this website through your mobile, you are correct!

You can easily watch unlimited movies on your smartphone through the Megashare website.



This website has been in the market for quite some time now, and it has a huge fan base now. With an extensive list of movies of all genres, this is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker. The library of this website has old classics as well as recently released movies. The best part about this website is that you don’t have to sign up or get any subscription to watch movies. The site works very well on laptop, computers, as well as on your smartphone. Thus, fill up your popcorn basket and start binge-watching.



You read it correctly, unlimited movies rain on this website. Although the user interface, as well as the features of the website, is not too clean, it is almost similar to the original Putlocker. You can watch unlimited new, as well as old classic movies and TV shows, on this platform. The best part about the platform is that it also provides you with additional information like the name of the actor, release date of the movie, etc. So, you can choose the movies as per your choice of actors too. 



This is another best alternative available to Putlocker. The User interface of the website is modern and sleek. And the beautiful user interface of this website separates it from other websites. You can easily navigate this website as per the genres, as well as the name of the movies. Although the website offers the best quality movie video, you can use a VPN connection to enjoy the best quality and uninterrupted videos. 



It has a sturdy library with unlimited movies. The playlist on the website is perfectly organized. Thus, you won’t face much difficulty in finding a movie of your choice. For effortless navigation, you must choose the MovieWatcher website.


If you are a movie-junkie, and you are looking for as smooth an experience as the Putlocker, just go through this list, and you will find the best platforms to watch the movies of your choice. Since the original Putlocker website is not in existence now, you can also use the current putlocker versions now. These versions are as good as the original one, and they have almost the same content as the original Putlocker

Regardless of which website you are watching, you will miss Putlocker, but don’t let the movie junkie within you die!!

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