Fans Can’t Wait to Learn Preparing The Ram-Don Recipe from Parasite

Ram-Don Recipe from Parasite

The popularity of this Oscar-winning hit doesn’t seem to come to an end. Indeed, Parasite has been one such success where the director confidently took the audience wherever he wanted through the film. Probably, that’s one massive reason why the two stories become one in the closure part. There are so many points of highlights in the film, and that it is really uncountable. But one scene where the audience’s inquisitiveness came out was when Ram-Don was served. Of course, Parasite’s limitless food shots are really appreciated, but this one’s something extraordinary. The audience literally started wondering about the recipe and where they can get it. Thankfully, sources have come to the forefront with the recipe of Ram-Don Recipe from Parasite. Well, if you’re an ardent cook, you can follow this chef’s recipe and prepare your favorite noodle recipe.

Is Ram-Don Recipe from Parasite Possible to Prepare?

Ram-Don Recipe from Parasite

Parasite features a wide range of interesting food scenes, from peaches to pasta with hot sauce. Given that there are so many food scenes in the movie, the one scene that becomes a standout here is the Ram-Don scene. And it would fairly make sense to not get into why the movie focuses on such a unique food scene. Instead of doing so, this guide gives a chance for food enthusiasts to pamper their taste buds via Ram-Don Recipe from Parasite. Sources are there on the Internet which brings the home cooks under one umbrella. They are now sharing their own version of the dish. But what fans might love more is the one shared by Binging with Babish on YouTube. But before getting inside the nitty-gritty of preparing the recipe, you should know the significance of the scene in Parasite. 

Importance of Ram-Don Recipe from Parasite

To say Ram-Don is itself a Parasite in the movie would not be an exaggeration. To define it from a food perspective, it happens to be Jalpaiguri. This is the Korean comfort food combining two noodle packages into a single meal. Sources claim that the name is an indication for making the dish more acceptable to the non-Korean audiences. It is also attempted to bring their life easier, therefore, the name ramen and udon are combined together as Ram-Don! The excellence of Ram-Don Recipe from Parasite is for the elite class family matriarch to insist on serving it with a sirloin strip. It comes with a beef slice that’s dedicated to the mega-wealthy families. 

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Anyone who has watched the movie knows that this recipe is soon becoming the instant part of anyone’s lunch rotation. The udon, steak, and even ramen are going to be delightful to your taste buds. So, to make this food your comfort meal, pay attention to the recipe from below:

Preparing Ram-Don Recipe from Parasite: How to Proceed?

The recipe here is itself the interpretation of this Parasite dish. If you don’t have access to all the Korean ingredients, don’t worry! The recipe will be freaking delicious! However, to live up to your expectations, follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • The Ingredients Required

When it comes to noodles, you don’t necessarily require making ramen or udon for this particular thing. Instead, you can also use the no-dried noodle version for more depth in texture and taste. Whether you want to skimp on steak is up to you. The film features a scene where the steak has been given a verging look on wagyu. You can even use a local one instead! And it would be better to marinate the steak. It will give a sour-sweet taste. You can use the Korean Gochujang chili paste in order to add a layer of spices into it. While this wasn’t there in the movie, it would be amazing to enhance its taste!

The ingredients that you can use have been mentioned here. They include one package of the fresh noodles, a single package of Udon noodles, about 8 oz of Sirloin steak, 1 tablespoon of Gochujang, 2 tablespoons of neutral oil, one Soup sachet, and one tablespoon of Oyster Sauce. Now, when you ask about marinating the steak, use these ingredients for the purpose. These include 1 tablespoon of Soy Sauce, 1 tablespoon of Sesame Oil, one tablespoon of Wine Vinegar, one tablespoon of Brown Sugar, and 1 chopped Green Onion. For preparation, you need to trim steak and cube in pieces. Toss it in the marinating ingredients. 

  • How to cook
    Ram-Don Recipe from Parasite

For cooking, you require using a wok. You can use vegetable oil if you want to. Heat it. Once when the oil gets smoky, you can add the beef cubes. Make sure that you don’t dump the entire bowl of beef into it, do it gradually. Right after adding the cubes into the wok, you have to flip the cubes. After that, wait for around 90 seconds for it to get entirely cooked. When it gets cooked from both the sides, you can easily take them out of the wok. What you can do is add one tablespoon of Gochujang to give it a spicy touch! You have to take out the cubes when it perfectly pinkish.

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After that, you have to pour some boiling water into the wok. Add udon & cook for two minutes. Remember that the noodles will naturally get separated. And in case they don’t, you can use one set of chopsticks to separate them effectively. Right after 120 seconds, add the ramen and separate them using a chopsticks’ set. After that, drain noodles!

Add noodles to steak. Add the soup sachet. Include one tbsp. of oyster sauce. Toss it effectively. Your recipe is just ready! But before serving, make sure you follow these:

  • Use a large bowl to serve the food
  • Roll the steak pieces.
  • Garnish properly

Ram-Don Recipe from Parasite is considered as a portion of comfort food. However, it’s a bit heavy. The food is good when served in 1:2 proportions. And if you can save half of the recipe for the next meal, it wouldn’t be a problem then! Enjoy the meal while watching the movie for another time! Here’s wishing you joh-eun Pyongyang (Bon appetite)!

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