How To Make The Most From The Customer Reviews

customer reviews

A decade ago, if I had told anyone that the people’s opinion would make or break a business, it would have been a challenging topic to wrap their head around. We’re in the fast-paced world where a famous footballer snubs a Coca-Cola bottle in the middle of an interview, and immediately the company loses $4 billion worth of its brand value! Here is the world that constantly validates and invalidates businesses from time to time. Thus, changing the ball game altogether.

One famous person’s opinion matters so much! The same goes with commoners too. According to a survey, 70% of consumers say that they check out the product’s review before making any purchase. While 63% responded saying they’d buy only from the site that has good reviews and ratings. Well, the sums do add up right. Aren’t we all guilty of *thoroughly* checking the reviews before ordering that one silly product on the website?

When, as customers, we are so out-and-out. Then, as a business, we should strive to keep the bar up so the buyers can believe in us. As the saying goes, the first impression is the best one and lasts a long time. The customer will only be critical until they receive the product from your business. Once satisfied, you don’t only get a valued customer but, a positive word of mouth spreads around to encourage your game.

So, what am I supposed to do to increase good customer reviews? Here are some points that can be worthy,

Mean what you say and say what you mean

There are so many phoney websites and online businesses that every person is cynical when checking out any online websites. If you are new to online business, no matter what product you provide, make sure you give your best. Clickbaiting might fetch you profits but that is only short-lived. Creating loyalty and gaining trust is a slow process, however, it brings better results in the long run.

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Request for a feedback

Right after your product is delivered, request them to leave feedback on your website or take the feedback survey. Having feedback gives you an idea about how your business is running. Ask combinations of close-ended and open-ended questions. It will leave you with different opinions on what is going good and what is not.

Go social

Social media isn’t just for marketing and sales but more than that. Understand that there are business accounts available for you to create on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Mention all of your business details on it and make it accessible for anyone to write their thoughts. If you have trouble setting one up and want to get in touch with an expert? Worry no more. is an efficient tool that can help you fetch professional email addresses in just a matter of seconds.

The right customer service

Customer service is more than just acknowledging the grievances that a client faces. It is an open communication channel for both parties to understand how the business is doing. So, when a customer leaves a happy comment, shower them with eye-catching offers and better discounts. If they leave a critical review, apologise for the bad experience and try to mend ways to make their experience better.

Do you have any tips that we can add? Share them with us! We’d be happy to know

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