Floyd Mayweather Dominated Logan Paul in Recent Face-Off

Floyd Mayweather Dominated Logan Paul in Recent Face-Off

A  boxing face-off took place this month between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather. This was an exhibition match, and the authority didn’t announce the winner’s name officially. Floyd was the more dominant boxer in Mayweather vs Paul. The two embroiled in a full eight-round bout.

Logan Paul, a young fighter, was quite powerful during the match. Paul delivered a painful, weighty power hit.

After round 3, Mayweather started domination and digested everything Logan landed. The experienced boxing legend dominated the match before a charged crowd at Hard Rock Stadium.

Floyd Mayweather appeared to make dollars

Paul seemed like he began to lose in the third round. Floyd came out as powerful, confident and fast till the end. Mayweather easily could’ve continued the match another 10 bouts, but he didn’t.

Though there was no designated champion, still people knew Floyd Mayweather was the unofficial winner. The two fighters praised each other after the game. Floyd said that Paul remained an unexpectedly powerful opponent and a good person. He also admitted that he enjoyed the match thoroughly.

Besides Logan Paul was grateful for being part of it. He also stated that it was the proudest moment for him. Mayweather is no doubt a tough opponent – Paul said. He wished for a second fight with Floyd in a funny way.

Logan Paul landed truly impressive for a fighter with the record in pro boxing at 0-1. Floyd made his entrance with a couple of rap songs, namely Migos and Moneybagg Yo.

Mayweather’s ring entrance suit looked similar to GATOR SKIN. Paul left with an expensive and very rare Pokemon card wearing around his collar. Many legendary personalities were present at the stadium, namely Fat Joe, Paul Pierce, Michale Irvin, Matt Barnes, Antonio Brown, Evander Holyfield, etc.

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Before the face-off, Floyd said to TMZ Sports that he anticipated earning around $50 to $100 million Sunday night. Floyd bought a new car for his family and “amigos”. Floyd Mayweather probably will fight next against Jake Paul.

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