A Detailed Overview of How to memorize faster

The human brain is equipped with the power and the ability to memorize things and recall them as and when required. Memory is an inbuilt quality which helps in remembering things previously seen or thought about. It is gained carefully in reading books, magazines, articles, journals, and so on and is stored for a considerable amount of time and retrieved as and when required. Sometimes, the human brain tends to forget things it has once read or gone through because it lacks specific linking points that help improve an individual’s memory. There have been many questions addressed by students worldwide who want an answer to the question, that is, “How to memorize faster,” yet only a few answers are relevant and worth bringing into light and practice.


Are you unable to retain what you have read? Do you forget everything? Here are the best ways which will help you memorize faster and keep everything.

An overview

Biology plays a significant role when it comes to memory. The human brain is divided into three main parts- the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the medulla oblongata.

Science clearly says that the number of folds present in the cerebellum is closely associated with determining the intelligence and memory retaining an individual’s power. Genes also a significant role in this process. Genes are the characteristics that one gets from his or her parents. Despite all these factors, it is possible to improve memory with a few easy steps. If one inculcates them in their daily lives, he/she is bound to memorize faster.

A lot of studies have been conducted regarding the ability of the human brain to retain everything. Many researchers have come up with different theories and conclusions that support their hypothesis and clauses of memorizing faster. Here are some of the best ways an individual can consider if he/she cannot memorize or tends to keep forgetting things very easily.


Using the cognitive ability of the brain

Studies have clearly shown that the human brain tends to retain things faster when related to specific acronyms, patterns, colors, etc.

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For instance, a student may face difficulty in memorizing the seven colours of the rainbow. Those colours are- Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red, which can easily be remembered and memorized if we use the acronym VIBGYOR. This simple trick works for a lot of other cases, like memorizing the names of all the planets in our solar system, counting the number of days in a month and so on.

This trick can also be used to recall the names of people we randomly met at parties, vacations, or while traveling. The way of linking certain characteristics and attributes of a person can help in remembering the names of certain people. For instance, Ray can be identified with her stubborn attitude, Sid can be done by recalling humor, and Jane can be identified with her spectacles and curly hair. These attributes play a commendable role in memorizing the different characters present in our storybooks’ plot or drama.

Certain mathematical formulas can also be derived easily using this method. Some People Have Curly Brown Hair Turn Permanently Black, this is the easiest way of memorizing the trigonometric table. This clearly states that Sine is equal to Perpendicular upon Hypotenuse, Cos is equal to Base upon Hypotenuse, and Tan is similar to Perpendicular upon Base. These little tricks can help in memorizing things at a faster pace. 

Trying scientifically tested techniques.

There are various other techniques which provide an answer on how to memorize faster. Writing immediately after reading something improves memory and helps in retaining things for a longer period. The Pomodoro technique can also prove to be beneficial in memorizing things faster. This technique focuses on studying continuously for 45 minutes and then taking a break for about 5 minutes. The break is supposed to rejuvenate our mind and help in a better understanding of the concepts, which will help in memorizing faster.

Waking up early in the morning, doing some physical activities like exercising, and walking practicing yoga is also associated with boosting the brain’s memorizing capacity. Consuming a balanced diet, revising concepts after a certain interval, and taking certain tests on a timely basis to judge the brain’s capability are also the key ways to test the memory of the brain. Also, anxiety, stress, depression, hypertension may reduce memorizing power and even contribute to memory loss. Hence, children should get at least 8 hours of sleep in a day, whereas an adult should get at least 7 hours of sleep every day.

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Eating certain omega-rich food like fish oil, almonds and walnut are associated with helping in memorizing faster. These foods have the capability of improving memory and protecting the human body from certain diseases. In short, a healthy lifestyle and good food can immensely contribute to increasing memory.

Meditating helps to a great extent.

Relaxing and meditating also play a huge role in memorizing faster. Meditation is meant to calm the mind and the soul, thus providing solace. When the mind is fresh, it is more likely to concentrate properly and grasp things quickly. When machines are used for a long period, they tend to get worn and torn and they need repair.

Similarly, the human body is a complex machine that needs a sufficient amount of rest and meditation to function properly and increase the memorizing power. Closing the eyes for about 5 minutes and focusing on breathing movements can also be a great way to start meditation. Slowly, the timing should be increased and the level of meditation too.

Another study has found that eating dark chocolates is associated with providing good memory and can be consumed while studying. This is believed to release oxytocin hormone in the body, thus solving how to memorize faster. Certain medications can be tried at various points of the day. The process is easy; the only thing is that one must stick to the rules and manage time efficiently and complete the task within the allotted time.

These ways are going to solve the problem of how to memorize faster and inculcate good habits in most people.


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