Important Things to Know About MSCJ

Important Things to Know About MSCJ

As a law enforcement professional, there are so many things an MSCJ can do for you. It can help you achieve your promotion dreams; it would also help increase your expertise and knowledge in your field. 

If you are near retirement, then you can leverage on the degree to get yourself a lecturing job in a university or college as you groom the new generation of law enforcement experts. There are several reasons people in this field strive for this degree.

However, there are certain things you need to know about an MSCJ before you apply for one. For instance, some persons will still ask the question “what does MSCJ mean?” even though they want to apply for one. 

Hence, in this article, we will be discussing some important things you need to know about MSCJ, starting from the full meaning of the acronym. 

What Does MSCJ Mean?

The acronym MSCJ means Masters of Science in Criminal Justice. It is a degree for law enforcement professionals that wish to increase their skills by acquiring more knowledge in this field. 

The program is made for people that wish to go further in this field, get more understanding of the field, or simply just want to enter it. The degree will give its holder an edge over their peers in their career. 

What Will a Graduate of the Program Demonstrate?

People who finish the program should demonstrate the following: 

  • Deep understanding of skills and theories that would make them great leaders and managers in federal and state criminal justice agencies. 
  • The ability to recognize and evaluate implications, and also communicate properly through scholarly information sources linked to crime policy and theory. 
  • Competence in evaluating and resolving ethical issues concerning criminal justice implementation and practice. 
  • Competence in qualitative and quantitative analysis and research design as it concerns criminal justice programs, policies, and practices. 
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Online vs. On-Campus Programs – Which is better?

Most students choose an online program because they offer more flexibility that makes it possible to work the class requirements into their already busy schedules. You can read this to learn why people prefer online courses to on-campus programs. 

Luckily, online programs are as meticulous if not even more rigorous than on-campus ones. Schools know how important the flexibility online courses offer those who want to bag an MSCJ. Hence, they make these programs to cater to the flexibility needs of the students while still ensuring they get the proper academic requirements they need to be competent in the field. 

Furthermore, some programs also offer a mixture of both virtual and classroom experiences. This is the perfect alternative for those who learn best in a classroom environment but also need virtual classes due to their busy schedules. 

If you do not have enough time at hand to shuffle an on-campus program, you can opt for an online one, and rest assured you will get the same knowledge an on-campus course would have offered. 

Important Things to Know About MSCJ

How Much Would an MSCJ Cost?

Typically, one question that will come to the mind of anyone looking to get an MSCJ is cost. How much will you have to pay to get the degree? Are scholarships or financial aids available? These questions and many more must have crossed your mind as you pondered getting your master’s degree in criminal justice. 

Luckily, some scholarships and financial aids are available for you. Some agencies and departments offer educational incentives and even tuition reimbursement. Some universities also give discounts to law enforcement experts and others in public safety like veterans and those on active military service.

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Since there are several options available to you, you need to take your time and make proper findings to get one that will properly fit your needs as well as your budget. 

What Will the Degree Do for Me? 

An MSCJ can help a law enforcement expert to get promoted at work, or attain supervisory positions such as sergeant, or even command roles like the captain, chief, or lieutenant. Also, if you are close to retirement, you can get the degree to broaden your chances of getting a teaching job post-retirement. 

What Do I Need to Apply For the Degree?

The most important requirement for you to apply for an MSCJ is a Certain programs also require additional prerequisites. For instance, some programs may need work experience related to the field or a minimum GPA in your undergraduate program. Visit to learn why some master’s programs require work experience. 

Some programs may also ask for at least 1 recommendation letter and also an essay before admission is given. 


In this article, we have answered some of the most important questions anyone looking to get an MSCJ should have answers to. We hope this article has been of help and you now have the right knowledge that will help you push your career forward. 

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