What Is the Best Way to Ship Expensive Items? 

What Is the Best Way to Ship Expensive Items

 The “world of shipping” has always been intricate and vast. However, amidst the pandemic and quarantines, shipping and the quality of shipping became an even more important topic. With the whole world relying on the shipping processes functioning without error, the pressure was definitely on. When an error occurs to Ship Expensive Items, oftentimes the item isn’t too hard to replace. 

However, what happens if the item is expensive, unique, and irreplaceable? Who do you turn to? What do you pay attention to and look out for? It might come as a surprise, but there are a lot of shipping companies that don’t ship expensive items, especially on a global level. 

Unival Logistics has been operating with pristine results for the past 14 years. They use innovative technology and their expertise in order to keep up with the shipping needs of the world. Unival makes sure that your package arrives in time, no matter if it’s peak season or if the weather isn’t optimal. Specializing in shipping high-value items, you know that whatever your shipment is – it is in safe hands. 

Here, we are going to go over all of the things that you should know when you want to ship an item that has an expensive price tag. 

The Risk When Shipping Expensive Items

What Is the Best Way to Ship Expensive Items

To understand the complexity of shipping expensive items, first, we need to understand what the biggest risks are for shipments that are high in value. These are also the general concerns when shipping an item from one place to another, although the stakes are much higher with expensive items. 

Some high-value items do have more unique requirements when being shipped. Weather is one of the first risks when it comes to shipping. Even though the weather is (somewhat) foreseeable, surprises can still happen. 

Sometimes the company doesn’t have access to the most appropriate transport vehicles, which can result in the damage of the package(s) getting shipped. But what does this mean when it comes to the best way to ship expensive items? 

It means that you need to do some reading before deciding on a shipping company. See what the reputation of the company is, and make sure that you read through the reviews. If you see that people are mentioning indents in their packages and others types of damage – you may want to skip them. 

In the shipping industry, human error is always factored in and is a normal occurrence. But if a company is known for messing up delivery dates, misplacing packages, etc. – you don’t want your expensive item in their hands. 

The Best Ways to Ship Expensive Items

Proper Packaging

What Is the Best Way to Ship Expensive Items
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One of the best ways to ensure that your package will arrive safely is to make sure that it has been properly packaged. Let’s be real, nobody likes the sight of coming home to a beaten-up or wet and moldy box waiting for them by the front door. When you are choosing who you trust with your expensive shipments, double-check their packaging policies.

Make sure that they use boxes that are made from materials that are thick and sturdy and that they are using “the good tape”. Preferably gummy tape or otherwise known as water-activated tape. This tape is the strongest out there due to the crossed synthetic fibers weaved into the tape. PS. It’s also sustainable!

Be Careful with the Labeling

Double-boxing is also highly recommended, and do not put any markers or labels on the box. If you have any labels indicating that the item inside is expensive – you might get your package stolen. 

Taking Out Insurance

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One of the best ways to be 100% sure that everything will be alright with your expensive shipment is to make sure that you can take out insurance for your package. Don’t even think about shipping your expensive item without insurance. That’s simply a recipe for disaster. 

If anything does go wrong, you can file an insurance claim and get reimbursed for what has been lost, stolen, or damaged. Also, don’t forget to confirm that the delivery person gets a signature from the recipient and to have the option of tracking available.

Final Words of Advice

What Is the Best Way to Ship Expensive Items
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Another important thing to note is that dependingly on the estimated value of the package, not every shipping company will be able to ship your item. Most shipping companies will have some kind of limit on the monetary value of a package. (tranorthodontics.com) Companies usually do this to avoid the mess that ensues when a really expensive item goes missing under their wing.

The biggest piece of advice would be: read carefully before choosing a shipping company to trust with your shipment and make sure that they have a good reputation. It may even be best if you called customer service or sent out an email with all of your concerns or questions. 

Double-checking never hurts anybody, so don’t feel ashamed or weird when doing so. Choosing the right shipping company isn’t always easy, but when shipping expensive items, you, quite literally, can’t afford mistakes, unprofessionalism, or anything of that sort. You and your expensive item will be fine if you abide by these rules.

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