The One Where Jenifer Breaks The Internet With Her Insta Debut

Though the American sitcom Friends might have come to an end 15 years ago, the popularity of the show is soaring up with passing time. When the 90s show was listed on Netflix in 2018, it was ranked the most binge-watched TV series last year. Another recent report prepared by Childwise Monitor revealed that the show is highly popular among children under 16 since it has been streaming on Netflix.

Why Are People Still Crazy About Friends?

It is quite an evident fact that the show was a massive hit during the ’90s. From 1994-2004, Friends was a popular American sitcom that grabbed attention for it is a unique plot. The story revolved around six New Yorkers in their twenties and their life instances, relationships; shenanigans that made audiences laugh out loud, burst into tears, and delve into deep thinking. The light-hearted comedy TV series never left the world even after it went off-air.

With passing time, the show gained popularity among the generations. Whether its 90s kids watching the show out of nostalgia or today’s millennial kid’s binge-watching due to the massive popularity of the show, Friends has never left the screens. Since the show went off-air in 2004, fans always looked forward to catching a glimpse of their favorite star cast together. There have been instances where the entire star cast has made a reunion.

Social Media And “Friends”

With the inclusion of social media, people have got more reasons to delve into the lives of their favorite stars. Fans have already welcomed all the Friends star cast to the Instagram wholeheartedly and showered their love with “likes” and “follows”.

Why Rachel Kept Herself Out of Social Media? 

Out of all the Friends’ star cast, it was only Jenifer who kept on refusing to make an entry to Instagram and start a social media family. She always kept on denying the invitations to join Instagram by saying that she loves the way her life is moving right now, for her self-preservation. She kept herself away from the limelight because she thinks that there have been enough said about her life already, half of which are not even true. She doesn’t want to become bait to social media and make things worse for her peaceful life.

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Jenifer Aniston Has Made Record-Breaking Instagram Entry

It was recently when she changed her mind for no particular reason and joined Instagram. It was not just a mere debut that happens every day. The reason why her Instagram debut created a buzz was the million-dollar picture she posted with her Friends co-stars. Though it was a not a perfectly angled selfie that boasts the finesses of the subject, it was worth everything for the fans to see the Friends’ cast together.

Apart from the adorable picture that she has posted, Jenifer also broke the record by becoming the fastest person to bag one million followers. Yes, Jenifer has entered her name in the Guinness Book of World records after her Instagram profile got a staggering number of a million followers in just five and sixteen minutes. As of now, she has around 9.8 followers and still counting. Jenifer has become the third person to break this record.

First, it was the royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who broke the record for reaching a million followers in five hours and forty-five minutes on their page @sussexroyal. Before them, Kang Daniel, the K-pop star bagged the record by getting a million followers in eleven hours and thirty-six minutes.

A Guinness Record? Not For The First Time

This is not the first time, Jenifer Aniston is acquiring a place Guinness record. She has featured in the Guinness World Record for being the highest-paid TV actress for Friends along with her co-stars, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. However, her recent record is quite special as it was for her much-awaited Instagram debut. While the 50-year-old gorgeous actress was not keen to enter the social media realm, it has now become the biggest thing on the internet today.

Jenifer Aniston on “Why She Joined Instagram” at Jimmy Kimmel’s Show

Everyone knows how Jenifer has been redundant about not joining any social media sites to protect her privacy. Though her recent debut on Instagram has delighted her fans, everyone wanted to know what changed her mind to join Instagram. That’s what Jimmy asked Jenifer on his show.

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When Jenifer showed up at Jimmy Kimmel’s show, the first thing Jimmy could say to her was that she must know she has become the big Instagram thing today and broken the records by beating the royal couples. Jimmy further added that what has made her join Instagram, she didn’t do things like this. To which Aniston added she do now. While jimmy constantly asked what made her take the decision and who talked her into this. Jenifer kept on saying she is also not aware of the reason behind her decision, and there were a lot of people who kept nudging her for joining Instagram. People used to nag her about being socially inactive, and she kept on resisting to enter the social media realm.

Jimmy asked Aniston that whether she has learned the nitty-gritty of Instagram and whether she is planning something big for her next post. Jenifer added that she has no clue about it and ended with humor that she is going to create quality content as the way it should be. Jenifer also highlighted how kids in the era of social media are creating slangs and acronyms for even sending texts.

When Jimmy asked her has she thought about the second post because now she has to be regular, it’s not just a single post that sustains a Guinness record holder’s profile. Aniston was clueless as to what post next and said she hasn’t really thought that she has to do this regularly. Jenifer also talked about her recent news show “The Morning Show” for Apple Tv+ and how she is excited about trying something new in her career.

The much-awaited Jenifer Aniston’s Instagram debut has been made and grabbed eyeballs and a Guinness World Record. Fans are waiting for Jenifer’s next post to start a new social media journey with Rachel Green.


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