5 Reasons Musicians Should Have a Lawyer like John Branca Harvard

John Branca

The music industry is one of the most growing and lucrative sectors. This growth has led to the flooding of new artists and innovation. With this growth, different countries have enacted their laws to govern this sector. Every musician should get to know these laws to avoid being exploited or getting on the wrong side of the law. That is why musicians should contact an attorney like John Branca whenever they need entertainment legal advice or before making important career decisions.

Five reasons to have a music lawyer like John Branca as a musician

  • For contracts and advisory services, it is crucial to be sure that whatever you will be putting on your signature in the music business is always an advantage to your career. Having a good lawyer by your side can be a valuable resource. A good lawyer will clear all the doubts you may have about any content before putting a signature. The lawyer may also help negotiate for a better term to benefit maximally from every contract.
  • During partnership. If you are in a band or group, it is vital to agree since this may come in handy during or after a breakup. There is no better person than a music attorney like John Branca to draft the regulations for you.  Advancement in the industry many with always looking at the monetary side before getting into a collaboration. So before getting into a partnership, it is crucial to consult your attorney. Disagreements occur, so it is better to be prepared.
  • Before getting into a recording or employment contract. In recent years we have seen some entertaining companies going for the artist, especially the young lads. A music lawyer needs to review the agreement. A lawyer may be an added advantage since the lawyer can help negotiate for higher profits. It is advisable since many companies are just after maximizing their profit.
  • Unpaid dues reclamation. Many people tend to abuse artists’ little bargaining power. Many artists perform in events and later get out will little or even no payment due to rogue event organizers who disappear after the events. Getting a good lawyer will reduce your worries since you can be assured of repossession of your fees. It is vital to have a drafted agreement by your lawyer who has a Harvard-level education and extensive legal experience before performing.
  • A lawyer can also guide you on copyright laws that will help you protect your content.
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