Making Use of the Martingale System in Betting


One of the oldest betting systems in the world is the Martingale System. Although one may say ancient, it is a very effective way to win at games of chance.

Developed by the French mathematician Paul Pierre Levy in the 18th century, the technique relies on the belief that one good bet can help jumpstart your winning streak.

The Martingale System is a negative progression method like the Fibonacci Sequence of Leonardo Pisano Bigollo. It means that losses increase the amount of the bets over time.

Take note, however, that like all other progressive betting systems, the Martingale is not a surefire way of increasing your winnings.

Using the Martingale System

The Martingale System is commonly applied at online casinos like OKBET, offering equal money stakes. For instance, the outside odd or even wager on the roulette table can use this method to determine the game’s outcome.

It can predict the likelihood that an odd or even number will appear and determine if the player should pass at the craps table, blackjack, and baccarat. The Martingale System can also be used to predict results in sports betting.

To use the technique, simply follow two steps:

  1. Betting amount is doubled for every loss.
  2. In every win, wager only in one base unit.

Not complicated, right? It is a simple method that even a newbie can apply whenever they visit a casino.

To use the Martingale System, here is an example:

While playing roulette, your base staking amount is P250, placing it on odd every time. If you win, you will keep the P250 at the odds. But if you lose, you will double your bet, turning your P250 into P500. If the ball hits the even number by any chance, you will be betting twice the P500, which is P1000.

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Your goal is to keep doubling until you win. That way, you will simultaneously regain your losses and gain profit.

Here is the breakdown:

Bet P250, lose. Total = -P250

Double the bet to P500, lose. Total = -P750

Double the bet to P1000, lose. Total = -P1750

Double the bet to P2000, win. Total = +P250

In the Martingale System, losing in a row does not matter. By following the rules, you will always reach the end of your losing streak and get an even bigger payout.

Martingale System Variants

Although Bigollo introduced the Martingale System, it was believed that John Henry Martingale popularized the system, hence the name. 

John was an owner of a gambling house in Britain back in the 18th century. To attract customers, he encouraged them to use the Martingale System.

Eventually, the technique grew among gamblers. Due to the possibility that the losses can reach a greater amount, some invented variations of the Martingale System, just like:

Mini Martingale

While the original system is designed to double the bets at every loss, the Mini Martingale restricts the amount. By putting a “limit,” it prevents the wagers from getting bigger.

This means, however, that the lose streak will be longer. In the end, you will lose your money (slowly).


Often known as the Reverse Martingale, the Anti-Martingale reverses the principle. Rather than doubling the bets on the losses, players who use this variant will have to double their bets whenever they win.

By doubling on the wins, it is perceived that they can win “modest” amounts IF they go on a winning streak. If one is unbelievably lucky, it is best to stop at some point because just one loss means losing the profits all in all.

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Grand Martingale

This variation is created to combat the problem of the original system, where the rewards are too low despite the risk being high. Instead of doubling the bet after a loss and sticking on a single unit, players will add one more unit.

With this method, the winning probability is slightly increased. However, it is not meant to be done in the long run since it raises the stakes quicker.

Final Question: Does the Martingale System Works?

Technically, yes. The Martingale System does work. However, not for long. Remember the person that popularized the system? John Henry Martingale? The owner of a gambling house? The hidden reason he invited gamblers to try and use the method is for them to lose more.

That being said, the Martingale System will fail after suffering a long losing streak. If a player has an infinite resource (which is impossible), using the method is not a big deal. However, for those that do not have enough, it will only cause financial ruin.

As a gambler, it is important to remember that losses can be recovered if gambling is done responsibly. If you believe the Martingale System will work for you, try it at reputable online casinos like OKBET. If it does not suit you, do not chase your losses.

Always remember to be a responsible gambler.

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