Nicolas Cage Gets Married For The 5th Time With Riko Shibata

Nicolas Cage gets married

Wedding bells are ringing in Hollywood once again with news that Nicolas Cage gets married for the fifth time. The private ceremony took place in Las Vegas, the marriage capital of the world, in February 2021.

The 56-year old Leaving Las Vegas actor married 26-year old Riko Shibata from Japan. The ceremony was intimate and small, with only a few close people in attendance. The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas was the venue for the Nic special occasion.

For the marriage ceremony, bride Shibata was wearing a beautiful white, black, and red traditional kimono. The dress is entirely hand-made and has an exquisite layered pattern. On the other hand, Cage was looking dapper in a black Tom Ford tux. After Nicolas Cage gets married, he reveals that he and his wife are both in a delighted space right now during an interview.

The date of the wedding invitation is February 16 and the same as significance too. Nicolas Cage chose this day to honour his late father, whose birthday was also on February 16. It seems that the actor and his new bride wanted to keep him close during the ceremony.


The actor’s fifth marriage is equally happening as his previous ones.

This is the fifth time that the actor is marrying, and his first marriage was in 1995. He was married to Patricia Arquette, his first wife, for about six years until their separation in 2001. After a year, Nick starts dating Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of late singing sensation Elvis Presley. The couple was together for about two years.

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In 2004, Nicolas Cage got married to Alice Kim, who was a waitress before marriage. The very next year, she gave birth to their first child, a boy whom they named Kal-El. Nic’s first child was also a boy, Weston Coppola, born in 1990 when the actor was in a relationship with Christina Fulton. Cage and Kim went separate ways after almost 12 years of togetherness.

In 2019, the Leaving Las Vegas actor married Erika Koike 2019, and they parted ways within four days of the ceremony. However, we hope that that the new couple stays together for a long time!


Nicolas Cage gets married after dating Shibata for over a year.

In an earlier interview, Nicolas Cage’s representative was taking questions on his behalf. He mentioned the whole story of how this couple met and the flow of the relationship. According to the person, Cage and Shibata first met in the Shiga Province of Japan.

The same an eastern prefecture of the beautiful city of Kyoto. The meeting took place over a year back. The wedding theme was pretty dreamy, and the bride’s favourite music was on while she was walking down the aisle. It was the Winter Song by Kiroro, a Japanese duo who makes pop music.

The couple exchanged both Shinto and Catholic vows while a mesmerizing medley of poetry by Haiku and Walt Whitman. The representative also adds that a small gathering after Alice, Cage’s ex-wife, also came in with her son Kal. ( It is not a secret that Alice and Nicolas are great friends even after their marital separation.

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