Nuclear Weapons Ensure National Security of North Korea Says Kim Jong Un

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Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un welcomes nuclear weapons to his country. He believes that those can act as powerful weapons against any military threats. The state media reported the same while on the other hand, the probabilities of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula seem to be fading amidst stalled discussions with Washington.

According to Kim Jong Un, the country is presently capable enough to defend itself from every form of military threat and intense pressure. Irrespective of whether it comes from hostile forces or imperialist reactionaries, the national security of North Korea is now extremely reliable. The leader’s statement was a part of the veterans’ reception to mark the 67th anniversary of the ending of the Korean War 1950-53.

In his speech, leader Kim Jong Un says that he is thankful for the effective and reliable self-defense nuclear deterrence. He believes that nothing similar to a world war will exist in the country ever. Plus, the future and security of the nation are ensured forever. The remarks are a contradiction, especially when it comes to the stalled discussions with Washington about denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula. It was to happen against relief sanctions from Washington. President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have met several times to negotiate the process. However, they are yet to reach a definite conclusion.

Chances of another meeting between the US and North Korea

According to John Bolton, both the leaders may meet again in October 2020. Bolton was the former national security advisor of President Donald Trump. It will be just before the presidential elections that are to take place in November. Therefore, President Trump is seeking an extra summit with leader Kim Jong Un. However, the state secretary Mike Pompeo denies any possibility of a US summit with North Korea in October. According to Pompeo, President Donald Trump would only have made progress if there was any hope, but it seems otherwise now.

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Clearing away all the speculation, a North Korean diplomat clearly stated that there is no possibility of a meeting between President Donald Trump and leader Kim Jong Un. It is because none of them feel like there is any requirement of negotiations in the future. On the other hand, North Korea seems to be discontent about the stalled discussions. The blowing up of the liaison office is clear evidence of the same. It was a channel of communication and a cooperation symbol with South Korea. All this is a part of a massive tension that now prevails between South and North Korea, and which started in June 2020.

The liaison office demolition was a result of discontentment because South Korea failed to prevent activists. They were distributing anti-North-Korean leaflets across the borders. They have also snapped all means of communication with Seoul. The tension still prevails on the borders. on the other hand, the North-Korean economy is at an all-time low. The reason for the downfalls is the effect of the coronavirus and the global pandemic.

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