Nutrition in disguise | Recipes with hidden veggies

Recipes with hidden veggies

Kids who are still developing their taste buds and get attracted to food stalls due to the smell of delicious food, do not like to eat fruits, vegetables or any other healthy food item. They avoid eating homemade food. Then how should you deal with this problem? As a parent, you are stuck in a dilemma of health and Taste. We are here to save you with wholesome recipes with hidden veggies, fruits, nuts or any nutritious food and many ideas to get creative and impress your picky kids.

Picky eaters

Dealing with picky eaters isn’t easy. Not only kids, but adults too are picky in nature. They avoid any kind of food that doesn’t taste good. It’s all about the view and taste of any food. Junk foods have these qualities to seduce our sensory organs and win the battle of food. Even though it is good to eat foods from outside to change your taste, eating it regularly can affect your health.

Let’s try some recipes with hidden veggies in them.

Wholesome Recipes for Picky kids

1. Nutri-delicious Wraps

Food Wraps can be cooked in variety, You can use thin layers of bread, roti or paratha to make these wraps. Best thing about food wraps is that they are easy to make and kids love them. Put carrots, cabbages, cottage cheese or chicken bits, light spices, onions, puree made with a mixture of garlic, tomato and coriander, homemade curd and roll everything. Serve it with a homemade tomato and onion ketchup. One of the guaranteed recipes with hidden veggies and your kid will love it.

2. Veg Blast Burger

While burger is one of the regular junk foods, we have a different take on cooking a burger in a healthy way and your kids will love it.

You can use whole grain buns. To cook the patty :  boil tomato, potato, cabbage, garlic, onion and peel them off. Now mix all of them in a paste, add flour, cottage cheese, curd and spices in the mixture. Roll this mixture. Put butter on a pan and put the patty on it. Grill it and you have a perfect vegetable-loaded patty. Make sauce with tomato, garlic, coriander seeds and onion. Add spices in it. Now put all parts of the burger together. Your picky kids won’t even know how these patties were made.

Recipes with  hidden veggies

3. Fruity Popsicles

Popsicles are easy to make. Make a shake or juice of Pomegranate, carrot, banana, tomato or lemon. And put them in an ice cream mould, freeze them and your healthy popsicles are ready which will be loved by your kids.

4. Colourful liquids

Making puree, sauce, shake or juice are one of the easy and healthy ways to include nutritious food in your kid’s diet. They won’t notice any traces of vegetables or fruits in them. Banana shake is a good energy booster. Garnish these shakes with nuts and tangy fruit pieces.

5. Veg explosion wheat noodles

While noodles seem to be an unhealthy snack. You can make nutritious wheat noodles which have a good amount of carbs and give energy. Make homemade noodles by kneading the dough and using both hands to roll it in thin strips. Put virgin oil and fry small pieces of onions, garlic and tomatoes. Then put narrow thin strips of veggies like cabbage, capsicum, carrots, ginger, potato, beetroot and garnish it with coriander leaves, nuts, pepper, salt and light spices. You can serve it with tomato and garlic puree. Since each veggie is being cut in long narrow strips just like noodles, you kids will not find any traces of vegetables as they are mixed in noodle strips.

6. Rainbow Pancakes

Pancakes which are already healthy and tasty breakfast recipes. Rainbow colours will be made out of veggies and fruits. All you have to do is grind the beetroot for violet, purple spinach for indigo, blueberries for blue, green spinach and coriander for green, mango for yellow, tangerine for orange and tomato or carrot for red. Grind each of them separately, and you will see seven colours of rainbow. Put each juice in a different pancake mixture and add little sugar. Now cook it like you usually do. You will get seven pancakes of seven layers. Garnish it with honey, nuts and mint leaf. Your kids won’t even get any clue about the use of veggies in this rainbow pancake.

Recipes with  hidden veggies

Cooking Tips

While cooking, any person should know these basic thing to avoid any disaster :

1. Do not over garnish : Garnishing your food adds beauty to it but in order to hide the hidden veggies, do not over garnish your recipe. This way, you kids will definitely doubt. Avoid this mistake, just serve like you usually do and add little things on top of it.

2. Small Pieces : While trying recipes with hidden veggies, use the vegetables or any nutritional food in small pieces in the form of puree or cut the food in thin pieces. Your kids will not notice the traces.

3. Avoid Mess : Always clean the kitchen before and after cooking there. When someone enters the kitchen and finds the mess, they do not feel like eating the food cooked there.

4. Organize your Kitchen : Always organize your kitchen items from food to containers. The spices should be placed near your stove as you regularly use them in cooking. Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy products should be kept in Refrigerator. Never buy extra food items which might expire in under a week.

5. Do not Waste : Keep track of what you need regularly and rarely. Never buy any food just because they are being sold at a discount. If you do not need it, then don’t waste your money. Keeping your food more than a week in Fridge results in nutritional value loss.

Try all these ideas of cooking recipes with hidden veggies and notice the results.


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