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Best Places to Live in Texas

Searching for Best Places to Live in Texas? But you need to research and find the best residency. Isn’t it hard enough? We are here to save you from wasting your time and efforts. As a person who wants to settle down, it is necessary to know about the place where you are going to live and breathe. Your family will get influenced by the surroundings everyday. Settling in a new place is not easy. You should be well aware about the people and culture otherwise it will be a lonely place or maybe dangerous. While talking about Texas, we should discuss the “Why” aspect of becoming a TX resident.

Why are places in Texas the best choice to settle in?

A place where you will settle and live for your whole life, should be the best place for you and your family. There are following things to keep in mind while choosing your residence : History of the Place, Previous owners and their history, Neighbourhood, Is it Polluted?, Is it a lonely place?, Make sure that there is no criminal activity going on around your house, Clean air, Proper sunlight, Well built roads, Water supply system, Electricity system, School, Nearby market, Community services, Food, Resources, Greenery, Plumbing system of your house, Walls, Interior design, Furniture, Is your house spacious enough?, Nature of people around you, How is the environment at different phases of the day? And are there any cultural events that happen there?

While searching for the best places to live in Texas, you might wonder about all the advantages that Texas gives you.

There are many privileges you can enjoy while living in Texas such as : Lowest taxed state, Hands full of job opportunities, Less Government restrictions, Peaceful Environment, Modern yet rooted to culture, Bustling Market, Warm Climate, Green everywhere, Protected Assets, Affordable Living Costs, Music festivals, Cultural events and Delicious food.

Best Residential Places in Texas

Here are the best places where you can live in a peaceful yet bustling atmosphere. We know how Texas is known as the Melting pot of culture. It is the unique capital of Mexico.

Here are the best places to live in Texas and settle there as listed below :

1. Austin

Austin is the most green city of Texas due to its inhabitants and their efforts to preserve mother nature and their ancestral values. Austin is the epicentre of all musical and cultural festivals. This place mesmerises everyone and its vibrant night is the best part about it. Population count in Austin is estimated to be 960,000.

Best Places to Live in Texas

2. Houston

Houston is the largest city in Texas with millions of people living there. It is known as an epicentre of Hip-Hop culture in Texas. It is the best choice to explore new types of cuisine as it is a cultural food place. Population count in Houston is estimated to be 2.3 Million.

3. Dallas TX

Economic and Cultural Hub of Northern Texas, Dallas is the place where you will find various job opportunities as it has diverse residents and it means the companies want to cater to their diverse audience. If you settle in Dallas, jobs will be easy to get there in the economic to cultural sector. Dallas has a population of 7 Million.

4. San Antonio

If you want to explore Texas, Mexican culture and food, San Antonio has a history of old Mexican events. San Antonio is focused on culture and traditions of Mexican heritage. You will find museums and food places here. Around 1 Million people live here in peace.

5. Corpus Christi

Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, this texas city has a population count of around 300k residents. It has less population and low income tax benefit. Due to its location near the gulf, you can enjoy the view of sparkling river under the shiny sun. This is a perfect place for Spring Breakers.

Best Places to Live in Texas

6. Beaumont

Having affordable housing costs, low income and small population of around 100K residents, Beaumont is the best place to settle in. With all these benefits, it is a big and developed city.

7. El Paso

El Paso is situated 9 miles from the Mexican border. With a population of more than 600k residents, this is an affordable city with less housing costs and low income tax.

8. Plano

With a population of around 284k, Plano is the best residence for you due to its safe environment. It is one of the safest cities in Texas with less population and more opportunities. It has various downtown restaurants and Art hubs.

9. Arlington

Arlington has a small population of about 395k residents. A river flowing here adds beauty to this city. It has a warm climate and less housing costs. This is the city of Cowboys and Six flags.

10. McAllen

Around 1 Million residents live in McAllen. With a low crime rate and cheap housing costs, this city is best to settle in. It is known as the melting pot of Mexican and American culture. McAllen has a warm climate and the best summer season. There is greenery everywhere.

Now that you know which are the best places to live in Texas, don’t waste your time anymore. Start your settling process.

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