Porch Pirate vs Glitter Bomb

Porch Pirate vs. Glitter Bomb

It’s Christmas season and we all know how frenzy and delightful it gets to enjoy the cool and chilling vibes singing the jingling song all the way. People tend to get shopping frenzy and what we fail to see is the busy bee habits that package delivery giants develop owing to the Christmas season. Christmas season is the time for bestowing your love for others by sending packages and gift parcels. Not only the gift packages, but there are also shopping freaks who order their parcels online and wait for them to arrive at their doorsteps. With the Christmas advent, not only do these delivery giants keep themselves busy in delivering packages at the right place, but porch thieves also take advantage of the season to sneak out and find ways to get hold of such parcels. They try to take advantage of unattended packages that are placed at the porches of people’s houses. There are many people who return late to their homes. And, thus these thieves get a chance to gain control over such packages during the holiday season.

With reference to the New York Times, there are thousands of such packages that go missing owing all thanks to porch Pirates who steal the bundle of joy of others who keep waiting for their parcel to arrive.

First Glitter Bomb Discovery

Porch Pirate vs. Glitter Bomb

Last Christmas you might have seen a man exploding a glitter bomb which was in the news last year and went viral within a few hours. Yes, we are talking about the famous You Tuber Mark Rober who had designed a glitter bomb for the safety of porch packages. This was a trap for all such porch Pirates that was a viral sensation in 2018. Mark Rober was also a former NASA engineer and had left his job to become a full time ‘you tuber’.

He designed a device to safeguard the porch parcels playing the Glitter bomb vs Porch Pirates game. With the increase in the number of Porch Pirates, Rober volunteered to design a device that could treat such pirates right. He called it a ‘bait package’ which looks precisely like Boss headphone packages that can encourage a thief to steal the package. And as soon as a porch pirate happens to get lured by such a package, they fall into the trap, and their video gets recorded instantly. He has also included a police scanner chatter in his glitter bomb so that the thieves believe that they have been caught by the police. But this bomb is harmless but can reward the thieves rightly by transforming them into a filthy animal.

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The idea behind the invention

Rober thought of making a glitter bomb because one of his parcels was stolen from his porch, which triggered him to invent such a device. He had surveillance cameras at his home, but the image of the thief was not clear enough to be identified by the police. Thus Rober did not get a chance to find out the suspect. But for masterminds like him, this was not the end, and he was determined about teaching such suspects a lesson that they deserved. And the result cam in the form of glitter bomb discovery. He was inspired by the famous “home Alone’ movie which also stands to be one of his favorites which made him design this device.

Glitter Bomb prank 2018

Porch Pirate vs. Glitter Bomb

Last year his video went viral because he had played a prank to trap the porch pirates. His first invention was the glitter bomb that had gained many eyes last year. The video went so viral that it had attained over 70million views and also gained a lot of reposts. Surprisingly many of the victims who have witnessed such porch thefts were friends of the volunteers who used to place porch packages.

The same person has come forward again and added a newer version to the trap with his latest video. He has amped up his former glitter bomb version to glitter bomb 2.0 which can be seen in his latest video. The latest video by the maker has also gained over 13 million views and going viral these days. In his latest video, Rober has stated that he has spent a couple of months nearly ten in number to design and test the device which is an improvised version of the former glitter bomb. He also described this latest project as ‘labor of love’. If you want to know what exactly it is and how exactly it works, you need to check out his latest video which bursts out like a fart and lets out an unpleasant smell all over.

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What exactly is Glitter Bomb?

This man has devised a new device that can deter porch pirates. Porch pirates are people who invade the porches of people and steal packages that lie outside their house. Keeping this device outside your porch can prove to be helpful as it exactly looks like a parcel and can explode when touched by the porch pirates. This glitter bomb explodes and scatters an unpleasant smell in the surroundings where it explodes and also uploads the theft video of the porch pirates on the cloud.

Why is there a need for a glitter bomb?

It is believed that millions of packages go missing on a daily basis owing to the porch pirates. And, thus, the maker has designed such a device to stop the intruders from stealing packages. To know how it works, the latest glitter bomb trap 2.0 can help you find how he has busted a few porch pirates by keeping the glitter bomb package outside houses where these thieves had taken their chance to steal.

Bottom Line

So if you are someone who has been a victim of such porch pirates, then it’s high time to teach them a lesson in Mark Rober’s way. So what are you waiting for? Check out his latest video and get connected to home to order one such package safety device for yourself this Christmas season.

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