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ROFL Meaning

Are you also in search of the ROFL meaning just after seeing the online trend? Well, we are here to provide you with complete information. So, without much ado, let’s move on to our guide now.

Basically, ROFL is a common abbreviation or popular internet slang used to indicate that something is thought to be highly amusing, or this slang is used for situations where something is a lot funnier than normal. Its meaning is, “rolling on the floor for laughing”. The letters of the word ROFL also have different meanings: ‘R’ is for religious or righteous, you know when you’re right. ‘O’ is for orderly, a lifelong passion. ‘F’ stands for fulfilling your needs. ‘L’ is for loyalty that you show.

What Is The Meaning of “ROFL”?

ROFL stands for initialism of Rolling On Floor Laughing, and like all things internet it has adapted to nerd culture and has taken on new real-life use, though usually in a satirical way. This slang word means that something is so incredibly hilarious that the person writing the comment doubled up in laughter over it.

This term first became widely {preached/ circulated/ published} in English-speaking societies and global network forums, before it spreads to other social network users surround the whole world. So let us find out the origin of this internet slang(term).

Origin of the ROFL Expression and its uses —

The world’s first single text message was sent from a computer to a cellphone by a British engineer named Neil Papworth on December 3, 1992. The message had been read as “MERRY CHRISTMAS,” and it revolutionized the way that we can communicate now.

The word ROFL and its variants were apparently first mentioned in a post on Usenet, an early internet message board, in a group discussing amateur radio, and quickly became a very popular acronym among internet users(mainly for youths) worldwide. And now it is using the forms of computer-based communication and even face-to-face or real-life communication. It is one of many initialisms for expressing bodily reactions(especially hearty laughter), and emphatic expressions of laughter such as LOL or lol (“lots of love” or “lots of luck”) and LAMO(“laughing my ass off”). Perhaps ROFL is generated from LOL and its variant LMAO expression.

The anagrams of the word ROFL are ROFL & flor.

Some prominent authors reveal their own opinions about ROFL meaning

Yunker and Barry, in a study of “online courses and how they can be improved through podcasting,” have found these slang terms. Shortis observes that ROFL is a means of ‘annotating text with stage directions.’

But the two authors criticized the use of the word. Victoria Clarke, in her analysis of telnet talkers, opines that these standard expressions of laughter are losing force through their overuse. But Egan describes that ROFL, LOL, LMAO and other expressions(initialisms) as helpful so long as they are not overused.

General uses of the Term

On the one hand the word is used as internet-slang in chatting or text messaging and on the other hand it was used as a surname (like Soll, Pool, Noel, Pol, Noll, etc.) in Britain and Ireland. The Rofl families moved over time by selecting different census years. The Rofl family name was found in the USA in 1920. Average Rofl life expectancy or prospect in 1965 was 68 years, which was below the general life expectancy of 70 years. { Census records can tell you a lot of little known facts about the Rofl ancestors such as occupation.}

Initially, ROFL expression or it’s alternative form ROTFL is commonly used to express hilarious or ridiculous situations that you are laughing so hard that you are rolling on the floor. ROFL and the other {online} expressions like LOL, LAMO, ROFLOL, PMSL became a part of online} conversation culture and often these used by youth in a {online} text conversation on social networking sites; for example in an internet chat, to show that you think something is very funny or, it indicates a bursting laugh on a funny situation. Thus this unusual and customized internet slang (language) became an avenue for modern people to build more cultural identity through speech and humorous or playful conversation.

It is also noteworthy that the word “ROFL” is typically used by people who want to do something(communicate)quickly or shortly that they use or press the short terms. For that, the keys(long words) on their keyboard get rest which needed to communicate in English. The word is an acronym for the phrase ‘Rolling on the floor laughing’; typically a strong, but equally as often ill-used version of the word LOL.

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Sometimes the slang ROFL is used as a verb

Present tense — Person

ROFL — I/ You/ We/ They

Roflew — He/ She/ It

Present participle — Rofling

Past tense — Rofled

Past participle — Rofled

Examples:- We rofled after we won the football match.

John, your appearance is hilarious and makes me ROFL.

Examples of “ROFL”—

Conversation Between Two Friends—

Jack: Dude, I wasn’t that drunk!!!

Jimmy: You asked me to drive you home.

Jack: So?!

Jimmy: ROFL! the party was at your house,


Jack: Oh. Huh. Just shut up.

Conversation between Son and Mother—

Mother: Hi dear. Your Aunt had an ultrasound today.

Son: Really!? What is it?

Mother: It’s a baby gorilla! 😀

Son: Uhhh, WTF MOM. A gorilla?! Does she need to get medical help? :O

Mother: OH SHIT! I meant a baby girl! BABY


NOT A GORILLA. I hate this damn phone. D:

Son: ROFL!!! Mom, you are killing me LOL.

Tell aunty I said Congrats her.

Conversation between Son and Dad—

Son: Hey, dad. I just got a girlfriend, and she’s pregnant.

Dad: What’s the matter with your son? Are you PROUD ?!?!! When you get home, you’re in so much fucking trouble. D:

Dad: Your mother already knows, and she’s devastated. Who’s this slut

you idiot.

Son: DAD!!! I meant PERFECT…..NOT PREGNANT…i’m so sorry. It’s

this my god damn phone…auto corrected me.

Dad: ROFLAPMP! OH….oh god….son I broke your laptop…

Son: What you just did!…

Conversation between Two Unknowns —

Person 1: Yo, dude, these waffles are so sweet!

Person 2: ROFL! Are you ROFLEW?

Person 1: Nah, dude! I’m totally eating them at a table.

The other (Definitions or meanings) of ROFL —

• Reaching out For Love

• Read-only First Line

• Really orange Funny Lions

• Really old Fat Landowner

• Rights of Fingering Lesbians

• Rise our Father Lucifer

• Riding on Flying Llamas

• Rolling on The Floor

• Routing on flat labels

• Running on Four Legs

• Rogue of Forbidden Legion

• Rene Ord for Lommepengene

• Rainbow Organic Foods & Lifestyles

Other acronyms to express laughter on online –

ROFL, it is often combined with LMAO(Laughing my ass off) for added emphasis as ROFLMAO(Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off) or ROFLMFAO(Rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off).

There are some words which associate with ROFL—

• ROGL (Rolling on the grass laughing),

LOL or lul (Laugh out loud) & Lal(A pseudo-pronunciation of LOL),

• PMSL (Pissing myself laughing),

• LULZ (As a noun LULZ, an internet slang, is used as a fun, amusement, humor, especially schadenfreude. It is a typographical subversion of the word LOL. Thus emphasizes the humor derived from the subject by way of making the original word sillier),

• LOLZ (As an interjection LOLZ, an internet slang leet (a portion or list) is used to express laughter, often in a sarcastic fashion),

• LQTM (Laughing quietly to myself),

• LMHO (Laughing my head off),

• LSMH (Laughing & shaking my head),

• HAHA (This one goes without saying. Basically it is used to represent laughter),

• KEK A term is used for laughter that originated in online games, possibly either

World of Warcraft or Starcraft)

• ‘‘:D’’ (It is used as laughing emoji),

• ‘‘BWAHAHA’’ (A literary device used to express a kind of overwhelming or uncontrollable or boisterous laughter; the stereotypical ‘evil laugh’) and “MWAHAHA”(An alternative form of ‘BWAHAHA’; mimicking vigorous laughter.

The word also denotes evilness. They are usually uttered by the very clever while they develop an evil plot. Smirks and sideways glances often accompany them).

Variations for ROFL —

The word can be merged with other acronyms to create super acronyms. Some examples of the merged acronyms are as follows:- (ACRONYMS // DEFINITIONS)

• ROFLASTIC (ROFL+ASTIC) – Rolling on the floor, laughing and scaring the cat.

• ROFLASTD (ROFL+ASTD) – Rolling on the floor laughing and scaring the dog.

• ROFLCGU (ROFL+CGU) – Rolling on the floor laughing and can’t get up.

• ROFLH (ROFL+H) – Rolling on the floor laughing hard or Rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.

• ROFLKAS(ROFL+KAS) – Rolling on the floor laughing, kicking and screaming.

• ROFLM (ROFL+M) – Rolling on the floor laughing madly.

• ROFLAPMP (ROFL+APMP) – Rolling on the floor laughing and peeing my pants.

• ROFLMAOAY (ROFL+MAOAY) – Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off at you.

• ROFLMAOCGU (ROFL+MAOCGU) – Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off, can’t get up.

• ROFLMAOCTD (ROFL+MAOCTD) – Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off choking to death.

• ROFLMAOOL (ROFL+MAOOL) – Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off out loud.

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• ROFLMAOPIMP (ROFL+MAOPIMP) – Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off peeing in my pants.

• ROFLMAOSHIHLH (ROFL+MAOSHIHLH-) – Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off so hard it hurts like hell.

• ROFLMAOASTC (ROFL+MAOASTC) – Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off and scaring the cat.

• ROFLMAOTID – Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off till I die.

An obscure method of laughing at something or someone, often associated with laughing continuously or non-stop. The phrase also associates or blends with any ASCII(American Standard Code for Information)drawn helicopter that contains “ROFL” as its blades.

• ROFLSHTMNCPAIHDHMWMLAI (ROFL+SHTMNCPAIHDHMWMLAI)– Rolling on the floor laughing so hard that my neighbors called the police and I had to have a meeting with my landlord about it.

The synonyms of “Rolling On Floor Laughing” (ROFL) with Examples —

  • It was humorous.

Ex- A prologue preceded it, and followed by a humorous

epilogue. / Bimal has a humorous and poetic side, too.

  • It was comical.

Ex- It was the most comical shapeless thing. / Comical characters are guaranteed to brighten up any social event.

  • It was amusing.

Ex- It was sweet and amusing by turns. / He was thought to be merely amusing himself with politics.

  • It was priceless.

Ex- The look on the girl’s shocked face was priceless. / Something is too priceless to be bought or earned.

  • It made me laugh.

Ex- I saw a joker’s hilarious face, it made me laugh. / My teacher and I had a good laugh over the girls’ frolics.

  • It cracked me up.

Ex- The story was too funny that it cracked me up every time when I read it. / They all cracked up.

  • It was side-splitting.

Ex- At the park, the people’s laughed so much that it was side-splitting. / It was proved to be a side-splitting as well as an ice-breaking affair.

  • It is hilarious.

Ex- It is hilarious to have the Pope as the small brat. / She is beautiful, truthful and hilarious without vanity or affection, especially clever.

  • It had me dying of laughter.

Ex- I love the movie-scene, it’s too hilarious that it had me dying of laughter. / His laughter sent a flood of warmth up her neck and into her face.

  • I couldn’t stop laughing.

Ex- To see a ridiculous picture, I couldn’t stop laughing. / They couldn’t stop laughing to see her farcical face.

  • I burst out laughing.

Ex- At the denouement of the movie, I burst out laughing. / Of course, they were burst out laughing and having fun.

There are some kind of unwritten or verbal rules about to use ROFL-

  • Capitalization is an unnecessary or non-concern topic while using text message abbreviations and chat slangs on online communication. There is no problem in use all the uppercase (e.g., ROFL) or all the lowercase (e.g., ROFL), and the meaning is uniform.
  • Similarly Proper Punctuation also a non-concern or an unnecessary subject with most online text message abbreviations. For example, the abbreviation for ‘Read A Bit, Got Bored’ can be abbreviated as“ RB; GB” or as RBGB. Thus, Both are an acceptable format, with or without punctuation.
  • Never use the Dots between the slang letters which use in text messaging. As an example, ROFL, LAMO or PMSL would never be spelled respectively as R.O.F.L, L.A.M.O, or P.M.S.L. Using the dots between letters it became an obstacle in front of speed-typing in messaging.
  • Etiquette or Civility should maintain while using the web and chat slang. On one hand, when you messaging, it always keep in your mind that who is your audience and also about the context which is formal or professional with someone at work, or with a customer outside your company; if they are unknown to you, then using good judgment on it and try to avoid abbreviations entirely. And if they are known to you and also the context is informal or personal, then absolutely use the chat slangs. On the other hand, if you just want to start a new relationship or friendship with another person, then it can be perhaps a good idea to avoid abbreviations until you have developed the relation.

Final thoughts

The word ROFL is used only for Usenet, but gradually it gains popularity and emerges as a chat-slang which often uses on online text-based communications as messaging on {mobile/ smart} phones. Nowadays, text and chat abbreviations are used in many of the following online communications launches as Facebook, Twitter, email, online gaming services.

It also incredible that there are thousands of text abbreviations keep in mind, but different groups of people use different chat abbreviations. For example, online gamers are likely to use text abbreviations not used by a financial blogger.

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