SAG Awards 2020: Brad Pitt’s “Cool” Speech

Brad Pitt Speech

The 26th Screen Actors Guild Awards 2020 was just hosted on 19th January at Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California. We got starstruck by all the talented and gorgeous celebrities of Hollywood coming together. As always, there was much discussion about the nominations, speculations of winners and we also saw fans going gaga over their favorite star’s dress, hair, and make-up. But the acceptance speeches caught a lot of attention. This year also the award show was hosted to recognize the achievements of the film and TV artists. We got great films and TV series like Game of Thrones (TV), Stranger Things (Netflix series), Joker (film), The Irishman (film), Once Upon A Time in Hollywood (film) and many other outstanding pieces nominated in various categories. We also got to hear great acceptance speeches and one of them was Brad Pitt Speech.

This year Brad Pitt was nominated in two categories: Male Actor in a Supporting Role and Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion picture. Fans of Pitt were eagerly hoping for an award at the SAG this year and why not, after all, we have all seen Oscar winner’s acting prowess in films like Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and of course Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. The 2020 movie directed by Quentin Tarantino finally bagged him the Screen Actor Guild Award for Male Actor in a Supporting Role. The Brad Pitt Speech is now available on YouTube in the channel “TNT”.

Brad’s Brilliance at SAG Awards

Brad Pitt Speech

The video opens with a live collage of the nominated actors in the category for male actors in supporting roles just before the announcement of the winner. We see Jennifer Garner announcing the award at the top left corner, wearing a vibrant red gown. She announces the winner to be Brad Pitt with a huge smile on her face and the audience breaks in a loud round of applause. As the crowd is cheering and clapping, Brad Pitt himself stands up from his seat and climbs up on the stage in a cool gait and receives the award.

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We see celebrities clapping cheerfully and the crowd cannot stop expressing their joy at the win and we can understand! We definitely feel this award was a great win since he was nominated along with the veteran talents like Al Pacino and Tom Hanks. We appreciated his performance in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and it feels that it was a deserving win.

Pitt waits for the audience to calm down and begins his speech, not with a word, but the sigh of relief. He accepts the award with humbleness and in a light manner. But it doesn’t mean that he does not care for the award, but years of experience seem to have made him very humble about his achievement. The Brad Pitt Speech begins in a light-hearted manner saying he must add to this achievement to his Tinder profile. He then addresses his co-workers and fans as his “brothers and sisters” and adds that the award means a lot to him.

The Brad Pitt Speech does not sound like the typical award speeches you hear at award shows. He does express his gratitude but not in a robotic, generic way. He delivers his appreciation to all celebrity performers and his co-stars saying that he watches all their performances and it was great to work experience.

He then moves on to thank his co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, and Robbie and Dakota Fanning’s feet! He jokes that Tarantino has separated more women from their shoes than the TSA and at this point we see everyone breaking out in laughter. He again goes back to thanking his co-stars mentioning that film-making is a team effort and he is glad to have an amazingly talented team of artists to work with him. He even proceeds to thank them individually and says they helped him to deliver better performance and he hopes he could be of help too.

He then takes a jab at his own life and failed relationship by saying that his part was “difficult” since it involved portraying a guy who gets high, removes his shirt and cannot get along with his wife. The audience once again rolls in laughter. He thanks everyone again and says he got to meet amazing people, who share the same kind of pain, loneliness, funny moments, moments of grace and wisdom which they brought to screen together and he feels that it is a great endeavor.

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The Brad Pitt Speech finishes with an optimistic message. That some films work, and some don’t, but we must never stop. We must keep telling the stories. He finishes by reminding me that tomorrow is a new day of work.

What’s So Good About It

Brad Pitt Speech

Brad Pitts’s speech, to simply put was brilliant. It did not feel scripted, because it probably wasn’t. A spontaneous speech is bound to capture the audience’s hearts. As we see the audience breaking into rolls of laughter and cheerful applauds again and again throughout the speech. It was short, direct, interesting and a mark of Pitt’s excellent oratory skills.

Pitt has been in the industry for a long time and if one thing he has learned is humility and respect. For such a huge star in Hollywood, this is a really valuable trait. We see that reflected in the Brad Pitt Speech also. He remembers to thank everyone from his co-stars to his friends and colleagues and fans. In fact, he begins the speech addressing them as brothers and sisters and that is rare.

The speech was well balanced in humor and seriousness. The speech was light-hearted but defiantly managed to touch hearts. He begins the speech with comedy but quickly moves to a serious note. He pokes fun at his director, his personal life which is again balanced by serious expressions of gratitude. The Brad Pitt Speech is marked by his own ability to take things lightly and an optimistic approach to life even in the face of failure.

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