Take a Quick Throwback 2019 When Finally We Are On The Crown of 2020

throwback 2019

2019 can perhaps be described in several different ways with a million different words but according to the opinion of most people, it left a mixed bag feeling in the heart. In other words, it can be considered as one of the most multidimensional years of all times that roped in diversified happenings and events from a wide number of aspects and arenas if you describe the throwback 2019!

2019 – The year of extremes ad in numerous occurrences

The throwback 2019 had several surprises constantly oozing but what makes it extraordinary is the contrast it holds in terms of the occurrences. It has often been referred to as the year of extremes that has events happening that are poles apart. It is one of the most important 

The first emergence that has taken the world by storm, especially the new generation minds is nothing but TikTok. Certainly, in whichever social media channel you take a glimpse of, this particular application has established its prominence and popularity in an alarming speed.

Well, lip-sync have ever been so new and had been around in the entertainment platform for quite some years now. There were many other applications until TikTok was launched in 2017, but it gained massive popularity totally incomparable to any other applications of lip-syncing. 

Other than that, there has been great news for old Town Roads in the industry of music, how Old Town Road has been listed as one of the number one singers in history drawing the attention of millions around the world. This was then followed by the Tesla Cybertruck window sash.

Definitely the launching on the stage was hilarious but that is what might have grabbed the attention of the car lovers at the end of the day. The stunt was performed to hype the TRP and it was marked as one of the most memorable and unique moments in the throwback 2019.

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The throwback 2019 also includes Christopher Nolan where his performance as the joker was really admired and hyped by DC lovers. 2019 was a big year for DC and marvels after all that have taken the Box-office by storm.

The one after other releases of Shazam, Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, The Suicide squad, have made DC movies a real trend in 2019 which is expected to be carried out further significantly by the Gen Z especially after 2020. 

The picture of the US political scenario – Throwback 2019

 throwback 2019

Apart from these emergencies what draws the attention of the entire world in terms of drastic evolution are the happenings in the United States. In the array of throwback 2019 the US politics which includes their new governmental initiatives regarding the election, Donald Trumps attempts to make a mark in history on June 30th and the Beatrix politics have all piled up to bring about a significant evolution in not only the United States of America but the entire world. 

The US government initiatives in 2019 had left a much more open-minded and harmonized impression in not only the heart of the US citizens but across the world. Also, Trump had literally created history on June 30 as he landed as the foremost president of the U.S. to step to North Korea.

The Demilitarized Zone meeting came along four months post to the meeting of Chairman Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump in Hanoi. 

As per sources, neither of the meets has shown much progress. Later Donald Trump has explained that there were hardly any wrong deeds performed from his end with the Ukraine president over the telephonic call. However, it doesn’t all end there; the concentration camps organized at the southern borders of the US for protection affected plenty of other aspects as well.

As per sources, the caps could not be operated and maintained and met the requirements of people s it was expected to be. The news channels and reports stated that the living conditions of people at the border were affected adversely after a certain point in time. 

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The frightening Middle-East disputes – The darker half of throwback 2019

 throwback 2019

Speaking of the Middle-east, a lot many nations have seen the darkest hours fighting for their futures. A substantial population among the rebels was the new generation millennials who took up the right to fight for their own futures. Irk, Italy, Iran, Haiti, Lebanon, Chile, Hong Kong are some of the nations that have been most affected and seen camouflaged with banners of protests. A large percentage of the protestors were the youth. 

The youth stands strong against climate-changes 

Pollution is the most powerful killer of all times in the twenty-first century and the youths say if we will not fight the exploitations, then who will? The teen environmental activist travels across the Atlantic to raise her voice against climatic changes and its causes.

Often been referred to as the ‘voice of the planet’, Greta Tintin Eleonora Thunberg. Greta being one of the youngest environmental activists so far id not lag behind n gathering and roping in the strength of teen supporters across the world and turning her efforts into a whole new mission of fighting climate change. 

Taiwan as the first Asian nation to accept same-sex marriage – Proud 2019

 throwback 2019

The year in the later end after all that turmoil’s and also glimpses of happiness welcomed a beautiful evolution which is the allowance and acceptance of same-sex weddings in Taiwan. In act, Taiwan is the first Asian nation to accept similar sex marriage and stand as a blazing example for the rest of the world who are still struggling to accept the same.

A substantial percentage of the population today believe in same-sex relationships, unity and are Taiwan has taken the first step to free them from the traps of hurt, embarrassment, and awkwardness regarding their own gender orientations and live a free respectful life. It was declared a legal o the 24th of May 2019, the day when all gender barriers were broken down. 

So, that was pretty much about the throwback 2019 that represented love, unity, war, innovation, realization, courage and most importantly embracing change in many forms from every corner of the globe with motives to initiate a peaceful, liberal 2020. 

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