Eight healthy habits that can nourish your hair

Everyone desires healthy and shiny hair. Irrespective of sex, every person on earth wants to have strong and nourished hair as he or she grew conscious about his or her outward appearance. Many people suffer from depression if they have a bald spot on head, or thin hair, or poor hair growth. The reason is the socially decided norms of beauty that dictates the essentiality of good hair to be beautiful and attractive. On the other hand, there are countries in Africa, where people voluntarily shave their heads for aesthetic reasons. While the standard of beauty significantly varies, in our society, having good health of hair is considered to be a must-have.

The health of hair depends on several variables. Genetics, age, overall health, gene and diet top the list. Whereas you have no control over age, gene and genetics related factors; you can design a suitable diet plan that can facilitate your hair growth. And you can inculcate some particular habits which can enhance your overall health. Cosmetic products and treatments are all right, but here are some natural and simple habits that can nourish your hair and make yourself an embodiment of confidence.

Egg or protein consumption:

The main ingredient of the hair follicles is protein. An egg is a great source of protein. It also contains biotin, from which keratin is produced, which is a vital hair protein. If you have enough protein in your diet plan, it can promote hair growth. Doctors often prescribe biotin supplements to enhance the growth of hair. Egg also contains other minerals like zinc and selenium which are considered to be hair-healthy nutrients. So an egg every day keeps hair fall away.

Eating fatty fishes:

Fatty fishes like mackerel, herring, and salmon are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acid that is responsible for excellent hair growth. It has been reported, that consumption of omega-3 fatty acid supplements did enhance hair growth. A different study has shown that a person experiences lesser hair fall if she has been given fish oil supplements for a while.

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Brushing and combing:

Brushing and combing your hair properly is one of the basics of daily hair care. Combing helps your scalp to get massaged. Proper massaging of the scalp generates good blood flow in the scalp, which in turn promotes good health of your hair. So combing your hair daily is important. If you have long hair, it gets tangled every time you keep them untied. So after every outing, you must brush your long hair to make sure they are not tangled anymore. A tangled mass of hair tends to break easily.

Hair-care routine:

Everyone has individual hair necessity. There cannot be a particular hair-care routine that can suit everybody. According to the type of hair you have, you have to tailor a proper hair-care routine for yourself. If you have a dry scalp, you can keep hot oil massage twice a week in your routine. If you have an oily scalp, you can use a good conditioner that will prevent your hair to get sticky after every wash. If you have rough hair, try using a hair serum. You can try various hair packs made from kitchen ingredients. Whatever your routine is, you should adhere to it. The effects can be apparent after several months.

Herbal products:

It is a well-known truth that chemicals are bad for your skin, hair and overall health. Several hair products seem attractive. The ads are all the same. They promise that your hair will be best if you use their products. But you should not be mesmerized by the flashy advertisements of such products. Instead of them, you can use herbal products. Moreover, you can make use of aloe Vera juice, coconut oil, onion juice or various things which you can obtain from local plants and markets. The effects may be late, but the side effects are lesser than chemical-based hair products.

Careful about styling:

Many styling involves giving your hair heat. Be it smoothening, or curling, or straightening. These kinds of styling provide your hair with a good look. However, heating your hair is not always a smart choice. Occasional heating is all right. But if you plan on styling your hair more frequently, it may lead to damage. Make sure your hair is well-nourished before applying any of the heating appliances. Prepare your hair for heat by washing, conditioning and applying a proper serum before styling. If you ignore a suitable procedure and apply heat on hair anyway, your hair may become rough and brittle and may not go back to its previous good state. After the occasion, you should apply hot oil on the scalp and on the tip of the hair to prevent breakage and damage.

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Every girl wants to flaunt long and strong hair. But to have long hair you have got to cut them off. Does it sound oxymoronic? It is a fact. After a long time, the ends of your hair breaks or splits, which we call the problem of split ends. You should get a hair trimming seating once after three or four months. Otherwise, your hair ending split and it prevents hair growth. It helps to keep hair healthiest and manageable.

Night care:

Make it a habit to tie your long or short hair at night (unless it is not too short to tie up). While you sleep with your hair untied, the hair endings have friction with the pillowcase, which ultimately leads to breakage. The first solution is, tie it up. The second solution is, cover your head with a satin scarf and then lie down. And the third solution is, avoid the cotton pillowcase.

Apart from the mentioned tips and suggestions, another important thing is to reduce stress. Do not ever stress about the health of your hair. And the magic is done. It is a natural thing. You cannot entirely control it. And finally remember, you are beautiful in the way you are. Only good hair cannot define your beauty.

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