The Art Of Dildo Sex Toys

The Art Of Dildo Sex Toys

The age where women are oppressed and don’t have the freedom to explore their bodies is over. Now, you can do anything you want. One of the biggest areas where women in history were oppressed is sex. They didn’t have the same amount of pleasure as men, and religion forbade anything that was connected to masturbation.  Find more about the Sex toy Dildos art.

Luckily, that has all changed. Now, you can put your hands down your pants and explore everything about the body. It’s completely natural, and it’s good for your health. When you place a finger down there, sometimes you might feel as if you need something more. That’s where dildos art comes in. Click on this link to read more. 

No matter if this is your first time or if you’re experienced, there are new things to learn about Dildos art. You can consider using this toy as an art form because there are tons of ways in which you can make yourself orgasm.  

Before you begin 

Imagine if you had to give a presentation on a topic and you didn’t prepare at all. You would feel nervous, and it wouldn’t be the same if you were completely prepared. That’s the same feeling you’re going to get before you masturbate or have sex.  

If you’ve ever done it with lit candles, ambient music, and a nice comforting scent filling up the room, then you know how much the setting can influence the mood. Before you begin teasing yourself, try dimming down the lights or turn them off completely.  

In addition, you can play some music that you like that takes you to a different place, and you can also lock the door to make sure no one comes in if you don’t already live alone. If you do everything correctly, then playing with the dildo can lead you to ejaculation, meaning that you’re going to squirt. Follow this link to read more

Of course, not every female body has the opportunity to do it, but you can still try and put a towel under you for good measure of Dildos art. If you’re into a different approach, you can take a bottle of lube and your favorite erotica book. Turning the pages might get you wet faster than dimmed lights. Just be careful not to put any lube on the pages.  

Choosing the right one 

When you go into a sex store, there are hundreds of different sizes and materials for a dildo. It’s hard to pick from just looking at them. There are also different shapes, and that’s why you need to pick something that will soothe your needs.  

If this is your first time, then a good starting point is an average-sized penis. Most women prefer the size and the texture, and as soon as you try it, you can figure out whether you want anything more. If you’re feeling extra frisky, then you can get something that vibrates for extra stimulation.  

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Additionally, there are also products that stretch you out more, if that’s what’s comfortable for you. You can check out Anastasia Sex Toys – Dildo Buyer’s Guide for more info.  They can be inflatable or bigger, but the main point should be your enjoyment. If you also want your clitoris to be stimulated during the penetration, you can try out a rabbit style vibrator. That way, you can hit two birds with the same stone.  

What are some great techniques and art of Dildos? 

Once you’re in the mood and ready to go, then you’ll be all set to try out some techniques. You might have performed some on yourself, but others might be completely new for you. The entire point of sex and masturbation should be to get to know yourself better and explore all your hidden areas.  

You might find out something that resonates with you perfectly. For starters, there’s deep penetration. This is precisely what it sounds like. If you’re new to the practice, the best starting toy is something that’s rigid and curved. This way, you’ll be able to go all the way.  

If you want a bit of extra stimulation, then some texture will likely make you orgasm faster. When you’re close, you might switch to serious thrusting, and if you have a version that has a soft core, it might bend and leave you with an unpleasant feeling.  

Short and shallow 

The second technique is to go short and shallow. Most of the nerve endings on a vagina are present in the first third of its entire length. Just because you can insert up to eight inches inside doesn’t mean you have to do it. That might end up damaging your cervix. Click here for more info. 

Instead, you can try getting a firmer grasp that’s easier on your wrists and go for rapid and short strokes. This will engage your G-spot more, and you might feel as if you’re getting more out of that masturbation session.  

Who knows? The next time you’re with a partner, you might want him to do the same thing. That counts as adding new items to the bedroom, and since the penis has most of its nerve endings in the tip of the head, you might both enjoy it.  

Pressure thrusting 

If you have a toy that’s made of silicone or it’s created for dual stimulation, you might want to try this. When you insert the dildo, try pressing down on the wall of the vagina. If you’re lying down on your back, this means that you’re going to try and press through the body and onto the bed. Alternate the pressure and see how much of it works for you. When you rock it back and forward while applying enough force, it will feel like thrusting.  

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Hit the G-spot 

Many men have a problem finding the G-spot, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you. It’s located in the first inch or two from the entrance, and it’s on the top. This is a technique that can also be called milking. Essentially, you’re going to press the top wall of your vagina and move the dildo in and out.  

Keep adding pressure when you’re close to the spot, and you can also add a twisting and turning motion. This works best if you have a toy that’s made of glass or wood, and it doesn’t have any sharp angles. This will intensely stimulate you, and it might make you orgasm so hard that even the neighbors will hear you.  

Play with temperature 

If you try inserting a toy made from steel or glass inside of you, it will be shocking because it will definitely feel cold. The same sensation on your nipples might trigger a completely different feeling. Before you try putting the dildo inside, if it’s waterproof, you can heat it up.  

Turn on the faucet, run some hot water on it, or place it in a bowl until it reaches room temperature. Never put it inside you if you haven’t checked the temperature with your hand. That can cause burns since the area around the vagina is extremely sensitive.  

Never put them in a microwave or an oven because that’s a surefire way to get injured. A fun thing to try is to heat up the dildo and put it inside you, and let it stay there while you rub your clitoris. It will be a sensation as if you’re filled up, and it might be something that makes you reach multiple orgasms. 


Trying anal is a delicate subject. Some women get more turned on when they think about it, and others don’t even want to hear about it. Depending on the case, you can try and explore another hole. All the same, techniques will work, but the only difference is lubrication.  

The vagina naturally excretes liquid, while the anus doesn’t. It pays off to invest a couple of dollars for a quality lube that will allow you to enjoy anal penetration without any pain. Just be sure to clean it up before inserting it back into the vagina.

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