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Mulan Trailer

In this marvelous opening scene of the Mulan Trailer, the story starts with a man telling his daughter about the phoenix bird, and how she sits at the right hand of the emperor. He goes on telling his daughter how the phoenix plays the role of a protector and delivers guidance to the emperor. He also said that she is beautiful and strong, while he paints his daughter’s face with white paint.

He continues by telling his daughter that her job is to bring both honors to the family and later on ends the narration with a question. This question is about asking her whether she can do that and play her role to bring honor. In this Mulan Trailer, you will be given chance to see and learn the story of a brave warrior princess from China and her journey that allowed her to become one of the well-known figures in Chinese history.

Moving forward into the story!

After a while, the scene opens in the middle of a town where a group of soldiers welcomes themselves. The commander of the group declares to all citizens present in the scene that they are under attack from the Northern invaders. It is, later on, declared in front of the emperor by his minister that the leader of the Northern Invaders calls himself to be Bori Khan.

He is known to fight alongside a witch known as Xiang Lang and once he attacks a city or a town, he aims to leave no survivors. Since the situation looked pretty serious, the emperor had to act quickly. The emperor passed the decree and requested all his citizens to contribute at least one man from their family to fight against the Invaders.

In this Mulan Trailer it shows that Mulan’s father, Fa Zhou came forward to the commander and tells that he is blessed with two daughters for which he wishes to contribute himself in the fight. Later on, the man is seen practicing with his sword. He made sure to practice and become strong so that he can withstand all the blows and hits from his enemy.

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Later on, a woman who is the mother of Mulan, advises her to be strong and brave. Mulan has seenMulan Trailer shading tears as she is been told, that this time she may not return. She picks up her father’s swords and brings it out from its cover. She reads out the words encrypted on the sword to be “Loyal”, “Brave” and “True”. She held the sword straight pointing it towards the unknown and swings it as if she is dancing with it.

Mulan takes up the responsibility to protect her family, for which she disguised herself as a man and went in as a soldier on behalf of her father. Her parents later found out that she left, and her father was well-aware of where she headed. Fa Zhou was very disappointed when Mulan left without a word, only placing her hairpin on the table. Her father presented himself in front of her ancestors and prayed to grant Mulan the protection she needs. Mulan is seen making her journey towards the military camp to become a warrior.

She rode with the wind on her horse and crossed the mountains and streams to reach the place, where she will start a whole new journey. In the Mulan Trailer, it shows that she entered the military camp and was questioned by Commander Tung to introduced herself. She went on telling him that she is Fa Ping the son of Fa Zhou. She assembled with all the other young warriors and start practicing to become strong and capable warriors. Later on, into the Mulan Trailer, Sergeant Qiang makes a promise to create men from a single of the individuals present at the training camp.

Mulan Trailer

The story furthers in showing the hard work, determination and practice all the young men talk on, which includes Mulan. From practicing archery to fighting spears with one another, they are taking every option in hand to make themselves worthy and fight against the enemy. The epic scene of practicing martial arts shows the passion and love the young men have for their kingdom and the emperor.

Finally, the time came to face the enemy with full force. Bori Khan is seen approaching towards the army, and one official shout and declares to close the gate. A big ball of fire is seen thrown into the air that marks the starting of the war. The witch Xiang Lang is well-equipped with all her best tricks in hands, and magically she can transform herself into a bird. Commander Tung tells that the spirit within us is clear, as it feels something is holding an individual back from doing anything.

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The Mulan Trailer provides some of the scenes of the war, where archers are attacking, and the northern invaders are seen charging towards the imperial army. In one scene, it shows Mulan goes head-to-head with Xiang Lang and has a heated battle. Then Xiang Lang tells her that, when the army and the emperor find out who she is, they will not show any mercy towards her. Going deeper into the Mulan Trailer, the warrior princess is seen fighting with her enemy with full-force.

Her exceptional skills in sword-fighting, and her flexibility of climbing trees and rooftops of houses and buildings, have transformed her into a warrior. He attacks her enemies by surprise and takes them head-on with confidence. The Mulan Trailer ends where Mulan declares who she is, and says that she will bring honor to everyone.

Ending Note!

In this movie trailer, it shows that what exactly Mulan meant went she talked about honor. Taking the responsibility of a man as a woman is something that she did confidently. ( She proofed that men and women are equal when they fight for honor and respect. Mulan proofed herself to be a brave warrior and promised to protect her family by fighting against the Northern Invaders. The movie is licensed and produced under Disney and it will be releasing on March 27th, 2020 in all the theatres across the world.

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