6 Mighty Health Benefits Marine Collagen

An essential protein in the human body, collagen plays a vital role in protecting it against health-related hazards. However, with time as the body ages, the human body tends to lose collagen with every passing year rapidly. And because of this, collagen supplements are available in various forms to make up and meet the necessary intake for holistic health. Marine collagen, also known as ‘blue collagen,’ is a special kind obtained from the skin and scales of fish. While a relatively new entrant in the world of collagens, they have numerous health benefits. Just like native collagen variants, blue collagen is available in various forms and flavours. You can try anything from marine collagen powder in citrus lime flavour to marine collagen chews in forest berry flavour and see the difference it creates to your overall health. 

Explored below are some of its significant health benefits:

  • Supports Skin Cell Growth

Marine collagen is known to help boost the growth of healthy skin and provide strength to your joints and body muscles. Hence like all proteins, it plays a vital role in repairing the wear and tear of your body and providing it with adequate nourishment to maintain growth.

  • Improves Moisture and Elasticity of Skin

Marine collagen is a hit in the skincare industry and for all the right reasons. Using skin creams that contain this kind of blue collagen will help in reducing facial acne, scars, sunburns, and dryness. It also provides ample moisture that makes your skin appear supple and radiant. Besides, they are one of the best things to use to fight loose skin and wrinkles. Hence, it is recommended that using marine collagen products or intaking them in suitable supplement forms (after consulting your doctor) from the age of 25 onwards can help you combat age-related problems.

  • Boosts Intestinal Gut Barrier
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Marine collagen is known to be a boon for your intestinal lining. With age, the efficiency of your gut lining begins to degrade. Collagen peptides help considerably improve the gut lining and prevent a leaky gut. Further, they also improve digestion and help maintain the consistency of your abdominal lining to carry out its processes efficiently even as your body continues to age.

  • Helps in Gaining Muscle Mass

Marine collagen supplements can help you gain lean muscle mass, as with age, the body tends to lose mass, further weakening the joints and bones. Consuming collagen supplements in suitable amounts will allow proline, known to be a muscle-building star, to enter your body and build adequate muscle and strength to fight further age-related complications.

  • Boosts Metabolism

Research has shown that consuming collagen peptides along with regular exercise can considerably increase your body’s metabolism over time, thereby helping you lose excess body weight. Since one of its other vital functions is to increase muscle mass, it is not surprising to know that with the right diet, exercise, and collagen supplements, you can maintain healthy body weight and eliminate the risk of chronic diseases.

  • Reduces Systemic Inflammation

Collagen can aid with joint discomfort, edema, and systemic inflammation caused by damaged tissues and swelling. It also aids in the treatment of arthritis and the recuperation of muscles post-workout.

The health benefits of marine collagen are a boon to your body and skin. You could start with a marine collagen powder in citrus lime flavour and enjoy the numerous benefits this power product has to offer. Also, a tangy tinge for your tastebuds is enough to refresh your senses! Most importantly, whatever form you decide to consume it in, make sure to consult with your doctor or dermatologist once to enjoy the full benefits of it.

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