What Is Corona Virus? – Types And Functions

What Is Corona Virus? - Types And Functions

“Corona Virus” is a very common computer virus that infects your system while you are at work or when you are away from home. It is a piece of software that tries to control all the files and settings on your PC to prevent them from being opened by unauthorized users.

There are many versions of this virus that can infect your system. The developers of the virus are not always certain about its origin. Some say that it comes from a Chinese researcher named Lei Guo, who published this piece of software in November of 2020. In addition, this virus is called as Cider or Corona in some countries because of its resemblance to a certain type of wine called Corona.

Once this virus has infected your system, it will do many different ways to keep it from getting rid of itself. Here is a quick description of how the virus works and its characteristic features:

* Full Access feature – The virus will access all the files and settings on your PC. It will then use this access to access a backdoor which it will use to install other malware.

* Users’ Groups – The virus will spread through the user’s profiles to enable the software to gain administrator access to many files and settings. It will then use this access to install other malware. Usually, this access will allow the virus to create a new group called “Administrators” and then assign many administrator accounts to its members.

* Registry entries – The virus will also make a series of registry entries that it will send to the Cider developer in order to download information about all the files and settings that you have in your system. From here, it will upload the same data to the Cider site so that it can gain administrator access to them. After gaining access to the Cider website, it will try to use the internet and install other malware. * Exploit registry keys and users files – The virus will then try to gain administrator access to your computer in order to exploit your user’s files and settings. To do this, it will create a series of different registry keys and will send them to the Cider developer. It will then send these to the Cider developer and ask for a refund or some kind of payment in order to get rid of the user’s files and settings.

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This virus is really a complex piece of software that tries to infect the PC by hijacking the registry settings of the infected PC. Although it is one of the most powerful pieces of malware in the world, it does not use all the features that are usually used by other malware programs. For instance, it has only a few database entries and uses them only for downloading information about the files and settings on your system.

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