What is Vanna White’s Net Worth?

vanna white net worth

Searching for what is Vanna White’s net worth. Look no further! From her beginnings, as a contestant on The Price Is Right to becoming the beloved letter-turner for Wheel of Fortune, Vanna White has been a household name for over three decades.

Born on February 18, 1957, to Miguel Angel and Joan Marie Rosich, Vanna quickly became a media sensation when she joined Wheel of Fortune in 1982. Outside of her role on the show, Vanna made numerous appearances in magazines such as Esquire, Playboy, San Diego, and People.

Vanna isn’t only known for her career achievements – she’s also well-known for her personal life. Vanna had relationships with businessman Michael Kaye, actor John Gibson, and even fitness instructor John Donaldson while she married restaurant owner George Santo Pietro from 1990 to 2002.

Learn more about the illustrious career and fascinating personal life of Vanna White! From TV roles to tabloid headlines and all that happens in between, you won’t want to miss out! Also, we discuss what is Vanna White’s net worth.

Vanna White Family, Education & More

Vanna White grew up in Conway, South Carolina as Vanna Marie Angel, the daughter of Miguel Angel and Joan Marie Rosich. After her mother married Herbert White, the family moved to Myrtle Beach, and Vanna took on her stepfather’s last name. Soon after, she followed her dreams to Hollywood, with her stunning looks and easy-going attitude paving the way for success.

Once in LA, Vanna met John Gibson and fell head over heels in love. Things were going great until one fateful day when a plane crash ripped him away from her forever. Heartbroken but determined to keep living life, Vanna knew that competing on Wheel of Fortune was where she belonged.

Vanna White's Net Worth
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Four years later, Vanna remains one of America’s most popular game show personalities. Her story is a reminder never to give up and never to let tragedy rule your life – use it as fuel to find success, joy, and happiness.


As a former actress, model, and American TV fixture, One of Roseanne White’s biggest regrets in her career was posing for a lingerie shoot in Playboy magazine in 1987. She feared these racy photos could tarnish her wholesome image and cost her the job she loved.

Taking action to protect her reputation, White sued both Hugh Hefner and Playboy, but after careful consideration, both parties decided to drop their respective lawsuits. Today, one looks at Roseanne White, and it is clear that her true persona still shines through. Despite all that has happened, she still stands as a testament to beauty and grace.

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What is Vanna White’s Net Worth?

As of February 2023, Vanna White’s net worth is estimated to be around $85 million to $90 million, according to various sources. Vanna White is an American film actress and television personality best known as the hostess of the popular game show Wheel of Fortune. According to closer weekly, she has been associated with the show since 1982 and earns around $10 million annually.

Vanna White started her career as a model, later becoming a hostess for several television shows from 1981 to 2022. She got recognition when she appeared on TV in 1980, and since then, she has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. A large portion of her wealth comes from her career in the film and television industry, and hosting Wheel of Fortune has been her major source of income.

Want to know more about what is Vanna White’s net worth? Read on.

Vanna White’s major source of income is her long-standing career as a television personality on Wheel of Fortune. As of 2019, her estimated salary was $4 million per year. She has also earned income from her engagement in various money-making ventures, including real estate investments and lawsuits.

Vanna white

Vanna White has made several real estate investments throughout her career. In the 2000s, she purchased a house in Beverly Hills for $3.4 million, which is now estimated to be worth around $10 million. In 2013, she bought a house in Sherman Oaks, California for $1.125 million, which she listed for rent in 2020 for $20,000 per month. Additionally, she and her ex-husband owned a luxurious mansion on a nearby lot, which they sold for $22 million.

Vanna White has received several awards and honors throughout her career. In 2006, she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Additionally, she has been nominated for several Daytime Emmy Awards for her work on Wheel of Fortune. We hope that we have clarified what is Vanna White’s net worth.


Vanna White is known as the ever-smiling co-host of Wheel of Fortune, but she’s had an amazing personal life full of adventure and romance. She dated Playgirl centerfold John Gibson in 1980 and was even engaged to him until his tragic death in a plane crash in 1986.

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Vanna had two children, Nicholas and Giovanna (Gigi), after she wed restaurateur George Santo Pietro in the future. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce, but Vanna eventually found love again briefly with businessman Michael Kaye from 2004-2006.

Not only did Vanna find her own happily ever after, but she was taken under the wing of actor Christopher George and his wife when she lived in LA. Although George wasn’t a biological relation, her mother had grown up with his family. Vanna’s mother knew what she was doing!

Regarding Wheel of Fortune, Vanna isn’t stingy about letting her kids appear on the show. Her daughter Gigi has made multiple appearances, and we can see why – we just have to look at that beaming smile!

Vanna Has Dated

Vanna White, the beloved TV hostess, has had a fascinating love life over the years. From flings with famous actors like Sylvester Stallone to long-lasting relationships with wealthy businessmen, Vanna has lived a life filled with romance and heartbreak. Her relationship with millionaire classic car dealer, Gordy Watson, was one of her first serious relationships, lasting for an impressive four years. The two lived together, got engaged, and eventually went their separate ways amicably. Tragically, Vanna’s engagement to actor John Gibson ended suddenly with his untimely death in a plane crash.

vanna white boyfriend

Vanna’s marriage to the restaurant owner, George Santo Pietro, was one of the longest relationships of her life. The two met by chance while dining at Studio City, California, and were married the same year. They had two children, a son named Nicholas and a daughter named Giovanna. However, their relationship eventually came to an end in November 2002. Vanna has also been linked to actor John Corbett and contractor John Donaldson, with her current relationship with the latter.


Despite the ups and downs of her love life, Vanna White has remained one of the most popular and recognizable figures on television. Her signature smile and charming personality have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Vanna has remained a symbol of grace, beauty, and elegance throughout her career. With her latest romance with contractor John Donaldson, it seems she has finally found the happiness she deserves.

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