Why Choose A Soy-Free Baby Formula?

Why Choose A Soy-Free Baby Formula?

When it comes to choosing a safe formula for infant, it is necessary to avoid some ingredients which can harm the baby now or in the future. Soy is one of the most controversial ingredients that parents and paediatricians have opposed to in soy free baby formulas.

A product being organic does not make it completely safe, but avoiding non-organic formula is definitely a better choice. The conventional formulas used to contain GMOs, pesticides in the smallest of amounts, antibiotics or growth hormones, and the oil extracted using hexane. The organic baby formula is far superior to the conventional ones but the addition of soy has not gone well with people.

Soy formula is usually recommended if the baby is suffering from dairy intolerance and if a person buys non-organic formula the soy is likely to be genetically modified. The synthetic I-methionine gets added to the soy formula which helps it meet the nutrition requirements. As the product already contains hydrogen cyanide and other air pollutants, it has been prohibited in organic foods. This makes it crystal clear that there is no such thing as organic soy-based infant formula for infants. The soy-based formula is known to contain only soy protein isolates which are highly processed soybeans that get chemically altered to no longer resemble whole food.

The soy formula tends to have higher levels of aluminum contamination as the soy sucks up the aluminum from the soil. The soy formula contains high-levels of plant-derived estrogens. The phytoestrogens detected in the blood of infants that were fed soy formula were higher than natural estrogens should have which is bad. Most of the dairy formulas were known to contain soy oils or lecithin. Now, there are options available for people to choose from as the products and formula designed for infants are soy-free. One such top brand is Holle that products various infant products that are not genetically modified and 100% natural.

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The Holle formula products do not contain any harmful chemicals, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives. It is made in accordance with the rules and regulations and is one of the top brands in the world when it comes to baby formula. The Holle formula is trusted to be 100% organic and 100% humanitarian as well. Their bio-farms and bioland standards are strictly followed by the farmers as well as the manufacturers. When it comes to baby food, parents look for the best and most trusted brand which provides the safest products for growth and development. Holle is the choice for them. Their formula is available for various stages of the baby age as it needs to adapt according to their growth. Here are the formula stages formed by them.

  • Stage 1 is for 0 to 6 months.
  • Stage 2 is for 6 months to 10 months old baby.
  • Stage 3 is for 10 months to 12 months old baby.
  • Stage 4 is for 1 year and above.

There is Holle Bio pre formula available for the baby which can be taken from birth until 1 year and goat milk formula which can be fed for even longer. Here are the stages of it.

  • Stage 1 is from birth itself product.
  • Stage 2 is for 6 months and later on.
  • Stage 3 is for 10 months and older.

To purchase the best organic baby formulas such as soy-free baby formula, visit https://littlemooorganics.com. They have the best collection of baby products, be it organic formulas, bathing products, skincare products, etc.

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