These 5 Things Revealed from ‘73 Questions with Cardi B’

Calling Cardi B an open book would never be an understatement. And if you want to oppose to the aforementioned fact, here’s what things will tell you from the revelation of 73 Questions with Cardi B.

Vogue’s 73 Question series with Cardi B has revealed some new factoids. And Cardi is proved to be an eclectic as well as off-wall as a rapper. The fandom of this Grammy award winner must be careful as a total of five revelations have come up about this 27-years-old personality.

The series has been conducted inside the apartment of Cardi’s grand-mom in New York City! One of the most shocking statements that she has ever made is that she believes herself to be boring! More such revelations have been found in the series. To know more, read on.

How she wished to be stopped asking about her butt

From the Questions with Cardi B, it is evident that she no longer likes to be asked about her butt and her figure!

Yes, this is the first thing that has been revealed about Cardi B! She cannot wrap her head around why people constantly ask about her butt and are fascinated by figure. A small part her also described how she wants to be asked about her most current events apart from other trending topics. The reports have indicated that the time when she called her husband Offset, she used the backside as the metric in order to quantify her affection towards her daughter’s dad.

She also added the statement that she loves her fans bigger than her butt (where she described her butt to be big). So, that indicates that she loves her fans very much!

How she gets starstruck even now around Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Rihanna

Another thing that is well-indicated through the Questions with Cardi B, is the fact that she still gets starstruck when she’s around famous personalities such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Rihanna! When things are about legends or industry superstars, Cardi B estimates that she has met everyone by whom she gets starstruck when being around! And the names she included are Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Rihanna.

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And she added that every time they see her, they always like her. She also added that she gets freeze up & shrinks into a shy and awkward position! Cardi has believed that she has been a small monster when she performed a pop singer’s song at some talent show!

Her love for cooking

While Cardi is not a person who prefers cooking a four-course meal, she not entirely against whipping off some classic sandwich meal that can be a g-to option when hunger doesn’t have other saviours! However, she has described that her favourite thing that can always love cooking is peanut butter alongside jelly. It is evident that peanut butter and jelly is the most comfort food that can be made within minutes. So, she prefers it. Fans apparently should already have known of the affinity for PB&Js, concerning the NSFW lyrics to the 2016 song named as Lit Thot.

A Challenging Time Adjusting the fake stories about her

From Questions with Cardi B, it seems that the rapper has more than just a couple of words for the tabloids covering her moves. However, she already stated that she has learnt how to ignore headlines and stay true to herself. She has read quite a couple of things from which, she has found some of the funniest things that she has heard about herself. She stated that every passing week brings in some exceptional news that she herself heard it for the first time.

According to her statement, there is the time when she feels vulnerable and that is when people say the things that she has no idea about! She has currently taken steps in order to ensure that she does not dwell on these bad publicities! However, right after entering motherhood, things still haven’t changed the way the tabloids portray Cardi. People still say things about her and she is now a different person, then one which has been transformed through motherhood!

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She has the bizarre pleasure

According to Questions with Cardi B, right when Cardi called her husband, Offset identified his wife’s worst habit to be on her mobile phone pretty frequently! However, another habit that is more alarming about the is about ‘Bodak Yellow’ artist. And she explained the fact that her guilty pleasures smell her ‘fart’! It might be Cardi’s new admission as she posted about her flatulence odours in past! If you want to know about the star, in brief, keep reading on.

Belcalis Almánzar who was born on October 11, 1992, is prominently and professionally known as Cardi! She happens to be a rapper, actress, songwriter, as well as television personality! She was born in Manhattan raised in the Bronx.

She gathered prominence as an internet celebrity right after her videos and posts that got viral on social media platforms! In between the years 2015 and 2017, she has appeared as the regular member on VH1 television series! She also launched a couple of mixtapes.

On Billboard 100, she has earned three ‘No. 1’ singles! Bodak Yellow has made her second rapper (in the female category) and she topped the chart with her solo output that followed Lauryn Hill in the year 1998.

The one which made her only female rapper for attaining number-one songs is ‘I Like It’. Her collaboration with Maroon 5 in ‘Girls Like You’ has made her acquire the sixth position as a female artist for achieving three NO.1 singles on 2010s charts.

The debut studio album of her in 2018 made her be debuted at Billboard 200 and this broke multiple streaming records in the past. And by RIAA, it got certified triple platinum! This album was critically acclaimed and won Grammy Award for the finest Rap Album! This made her win a Grammy award, being a solo rapper.

The Questions with Cardi B made her fans come to reality, the ultimate truths that she explained through the question and answer session!

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