4 best and easy ways to remove watermarks from videos

If you see any watermarks in the form of a logo or text on any video you are watching, how would that feel? Yeah, it doesn’t feel right, and if you are the one showing a video to somebody, you may also feel embarrassed. It happens. Watermark is any text or logo placed in a video to express its authenticity. But this watermark can significantly affect the video’s visual appeal and may make it unpleasant to watch.  So the question that arises in this situation is how to remove watermark from videos? If you have the same problem in your head, then You are at the correct place. In this article, we will give you the best ways of removing the watermark from any video and improving the visual effects of video to a great extent. In this article, we will discuss four best ways for the same. So let’s begin:

1.Use of apps on android and iOS to remove watermark: 

If you have a smartphone with you, you can easily remove the watermark using various apps in Google Play Store and iOS App Store for Android and iOS phones, respectively. Many apps are available for the same in smartphones, and most of them have the same way of action

Remove and add watermark is one of such apps available for android. There are two ways of removing watermark in this app. First, you can remove the watermark by interpolating the surrounding pixels; this method is suitable if the watermark is Alphabetical. And the other way is by cropping the watermarked area, this is more preferred if the watermark is with an edge. This can be done by selecting the video in the app and then select “remove logo”. Once you have choose the video from your gallery, you can draw the watermark area you want to remove by zooming to remove accurately. That’s it; then you can save the video and share it with anybody the new version of your old video after removing the watermark.

In iOS, a Video eraser is one such app. Users can also add and remove watermarks through this app. Once you download the app, you can add the video to the app and then select the “remove watermark” option. There you can select the watermarked area and then start the process, and that’s it. After processing, you can find the video with the removed watermark in the processed section of the app. isn’t these ways easy to use and can be used at any time, quickly. That’s why this is our first and best way to remove watermarks.

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2. Use of Online watermark: 

If you google how to remove watermark from videos, there you can find many online tools available to do the same. Many of them are available for free and others ask for some fee for doing the same. Let’s know how to use these Since most of them have the same way of removing. Once you open the website, some may ask for a sign up process while some may not ask. In the website search for the option to remove the watermark from video, and once you find that, click on that and then upload your video. Once uploading is complete, you can select the watermarked area in your video and choose the remove option. Then it will be processed and once it is complete, you can save it and use it. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, it is an easy method, but some websites ask for subscriptions for doing the same. Some of the free tools available online are watermarkremoveronline.com, apowersoft.com, theinpaint.com, and many others. In some of these websites, you can remove many watermarks at once and remove watermarks from the images. They also remove watermarks in many videos at once and will not affect the quality of video which is important to maintain the visual appeal of video. 

3. Use of video converters to remove watermark: 

The video converters can be used effectively to remove soft subtitles present in videos. Users can remove watermarks easily by using video converters. Once you install this program on your computer, launch the program. Add the file from which you want to remove the watermark and also subtitles from the video. Click on watermark or subtitles and then choose none option and then convert it. That’s all; once the conversion is complete, you can save the video without a watermark and use it. 

How to Remove Watermark from Video for Free

4. Remove watermark from Videos in Mac and windows by using Filmora software.: 

In Filmora, you can remove watermarks from videos easily. But this is a paid option but can effectively remove watermarks. There are three ways to remove watermarks in this software: Blurring the watermark, cropping out the watermark, and replacing the watermark. So let’s check how these are done:

  1. Blurring the watermark: This way will not remove the watermark but can reduce the watermark’s effect and make it less obvious. This can be done by using the Mosaic feature. First, click on effects and choose utility and then mosaic it and preview the effect. Then drag the effect and drop it into the video. Adjust the size, location, and positioning of the mosaic and preview it; you can also choose the blur amount and type; after it’s done, click ok to apply the adjustments to blur the watermark.
  1. Cropping out watermark: In this method, you can crop out the area containing watermark from the video, but this will crop out some video frames. So it is more suitable if the watermark is at the sides. In this methis, choose the video and right click on that and select crop and zoom, and then crop it manually or using ratios provided. Once you have selected, click on ok to crop out the watermark from the video.
  1. Replacing watermark: In this method, you will replace the watermark with another frame of similar size and which suits the frame well. So this can be used to replace logos in videos. First choose the replacer logo from your computer and place it on the video timeline. Adjust its size and location and set the new logo’s duration to be the same as that of the old file. Preview the video and save it for future use.
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By using these methods, you can remove watermarks from the video using Filmora. Because of its limitations, it is the last one in our list of the best ways to know how to remove watermark from videos.

3 Easiest Ways to Remove Watermark/Logo from Video

So these were some of the best and easy ways available to remove watermark from any videos. If you have any video with watermark, you can use these methods to remove watermark quickly and efficiently and improve video’s visual effects. 


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