5 Health Benefits of Hemp You Should Consider

health benefits of hemp

An estimated 65 to 80 percent of the world’s population uses some form of holistic health care. As one of the rising stars in the holistic health and beauty industries, hemp and CBD have become a natural remedy for many. Have you ever heard of hemp or CBD?

As part of the Cannabis sativa plant, hemp plants are grown specifically for industrial use. Some of these uses include clothing fiber, cosmetic ingredients, and paper. However, hemp is most commonly used for health.

If you’ve never heard of them before, the many health benefits of hemp are worth noting. Read on for the top five health benefits of hemp seeds, oils, and hearts.

1. May Promote Healthy Digestion

“Tiny but mighty” is a perfect description of hemp seeds. While hemp seeds are small, they pack in the essential nutrients. One of the top nutrients found in hemp seeds is fiber.

Fiber is important for our body’s digestion, weight management, cholesterol management, and more. Hemp seeds are rich with fiber that can keep your digestion healthy. The two forms of fiber are soluble and insoluble.

Soluble fiber refers to fiber that dissolves in water and turns into a substance similar to gel. This fiber can help lower blood cholesterol and regulate blood sugar.

Insoluble fiber cannot dissolve in water and therefore maintains a solid shape while traveling through the body. This fiber helps move food through the body and promotes healthier waste production.

Fiber can also help grow the healthy bacteria in your gut. With soluble and insoluble fiber, incorporating hemp seeds into your diet may prove beneficial for you.

2. May Promote Hair Growth

Another important aspect of hemp is its plethora of fatty acids. Hemp seed oil contains omega-3, omega-6, and other polyunsaturated fatty acids. With oleic acid, stearidonic acid, and gamma-linolenic acid, hemp seed oil may promote healthier hair.

These oils are essential for boosting hair’s natural strength, softness, and shine. Hemp can help hair absorb healthy oils and nutrients. With a high amount of proteins, antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins, hemp seed oil may grow hair stronger and more lustrous.

There are many shampoos, conditioners, and hair oils that contain hemp for healthier hair. If you’re looking for more luscious locks, you may consider trying hemp seed oil. Be careful not to apply too much oil to the root to prevent hair from looking greasy.

3. May Promote Healthier Skin

In the same way that hemp may promote hair growth, it may also promote healthier skin. If you have skin texture, dryness, or scarring, you may find that hemp can help hydrate and repair. For this reason, many makeup and skincare products contain hemp.

Hemp oil contains moisture and natural vitamins that can help reduce skin dryness and inflammation. On the exterior, it may help the skin appear more supple, glowing, and healthy.

If you are looking for healthier skin from the inside out, you may want to buy wholesale CBD and hemp seeds. Incorporate CBD products into your skincare routine to experience one of the top health benefits of hemp oil.

Be sure to test a small area of skin before applying all over. This can ensure that you won’t have a bad reaction or allergy to hemp skincare products.

4. May Increase Bone Strength

Hemp hearts are the soft inner material found inside of a hemp seed. These tiny green and white seeds are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. One of the top health benefits of eating hemp hearts is an increase in bone strength.

One of the most prominent minerals found in hemp hearts is magnesium. Magnesium packs the punch with many health benefits and can add density and strength to bones. In fact, almost half the magnesium in our body is found in our bones.

However, three out of four adults in the U.S. have low levels of magnesium. This can cause an increased risk for broken bones, fractures, arthritis, and osteoporosis. By incorporating hemp hearts into your diet, your bones may absorb more calcium for strength.

As we get older, it’s natural for our bones to grow weaker. However, even if you’re at a young age, it’s never too early to strengthen your bones. Consider trying hemp hearts today.

5. May Improve Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women in the U.S.

As another one of the health benefits of hemp seeds, eating them may reduce your risk of heart disease.

With a high amount of amino acids, incorporating hemp seeds into your diet may benefit your heart health. One of the main amino acids found in hemp seeds, arginine, can help produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a gas molecule that relaxes blood vessels and helps lower blood pressure.

Another benefit of hemp seeds is its anti-inflammation properties. This is another way that hemp helps reduce your risk of heart disease. To further protect your cardiovascular system, hemp seeds have many anti-aging properties and are rich in vitamin E. (Ambien)

To improve heart health with hemp seeds, we recommend adding them to soups, salads, sauces, or smoothies. Hemp seeds also taste delicious in pasta, cereals, and protein bars. By adding them to your favorite foods, you can enjoy the taste and reap the benefits of hemp seeds.

Experience the Many Health Benefits of Hemp Today

With a plethora of fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, hemp is seen as a treasure in the holistic health world. With so many potential health benefits of hemp, it’s not hard to see why. For healthier digestion, hair, skin, bones, and heart, hemp may be able to help.

Before trying any CBD or hemp products, we recommend researching and buying from a well-known, reputable brand. While hemp won’t make you high, be sure to start with small amounts in your food, drink, or on the body.

If you enjoyed learning about all of the potential health benefits of hemp, leave a reply down below. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our articles for helpful information on health, beauty, fashion, and more.

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