4 Tips for Testing and Training Endurance

testing endurance

Whether you’re just trying to get stronger during the COVID-19 pandemic or if you want to age gracefully and healthily, you need to start adding endurance exercises to your routine.

If you’re like most people, your endurance isn’t as strong as it could be. You need to test it out to see where you stand, and then figure out which workouts will help you.

The points below will help you learn more about training and testing endurance so that you can be healthy and strong, and age tremendously.

1. Do Some Total Body Calisthenics

Everyone wants to hit the weight room, but it’d surprise you to learn just how helpful calisthenics can be to your health and wellness. These are total body exercises that give you legitimate, functional, total body strength.

You’ll also find that these exercises are gentler on your body, improve your flexibility and range of motion, and can sculpt your body with lean muscle.

Putting up a pullup bar in your house can help you build the body that you’d like. You can also start a pushup regimen that consists of traditional pushups, knuckle pushups, diamond pushups, elevated pushups, and other types to work different muscle groups.

Body squats will also tone your glutes, quads and hamstrings, while helping you to develop a strong base.

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2. Put Your Running Shoes on and Log Some Miles

Getting lots of cardio exercise will help you to test and train your endurance. Lace up your running shoes, download a running app, and see how long you can run without getting tired.

If you’re already gassed and winded inside of a mile, then you certainly have some work to do. Add mileage little by little, but run consistently to make sure that you’re making body stronger and improving your cardiovascular health and endurance.

3. Get a Weighted Vest

Endurance comes when you add resistance to your workouts. When you purchase a weighted vest it’ll allow you to build your muscular endurance so that it takes you longer to fatigue.

By wearing a vest you’re able to run through a series of exercises without limiting your range of motion. You can wear these vests while you run, hike, and do pushups, pullups and other exercises.

4. Develop a Strong Yoga Practice

Believe it or not, yoga is a workout that will give you some of the best strength and endurance. It tests your ability to hold your body in difficult positions while simply breathing deeply and observing the sensations in your body.

This builds flexibility and total-body muscular endurance that few exercises can replicate. It also makes you more athletic for the other activities that you participate in.

These tips, along with taking supplements like SR9009 will be helpful to all your health and fitness goals.

Learn More About Training and Testing Endurance

Testing endurance and switching up your training regimen will help you with so many aspects of your life. No matter your life goals, you can’t go wrong building a stronger and more athletic body.

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Consider these tips so that you can build a healthy and strong body from the ground up.

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