An Accompaniment for Every Mood: Classic Spirit & Food Pairings to Consider

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Sydney scenes are straight out of dreams. Offering adequate food for thought and tummy, you’re never left hungry for seeking both here. While the rich cultural milieu caters to your significant intangible quests, the crazy culinary landscape satiates your gastronomic cravings. Meanwhile, the latter is evident in the fact that this spirited city houses five of the nine Michelin star restaurants in the country alone! And if you’re in the mood to let your hair down with a drink, there’s just no dearth there too. Head to a gin bar in Sydney, go dessert hopping or embark on a gourmet trip at a vibe-matching restaurant; you’re never going to say enough! And if you’re anyway going to do that, you might as well do it the right way.

The next time you walk into a place with mood, food and spirit in mind, enter it with the knowledge of these listed food and alcohol pairings to elevate your entire experience:


Who could have thought that an accident would be responsible for the creation of an entire industry, a legit science and art, altogether? But wine’s journey from being spoiled grape juice to what it is today has been nothing short of spectacular. Whether it’s a bash, date or dinner, wine is the ultimate go-to beverage.

With the special (and essential) place it occupies, it is only natural to amplify the wine drinking experience with suitable platter pairings. Red meat is known to compliment red wines the best, as it balances the tannins strongly present in red wine. Whereas if you’re enjoying a glass of white wine, light-intensity meats like chicken or fish work perfectly well as they blend in with the lightness of the wine, ensuring that you don’t feel bloated.


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A yesteryear medicine turned modern-day spirit; whiskeys enjoy an unparalleled fanship. Generally speaking, charcuterie platters are considered to be the best whiskey companions. If you’re blissfully enjoying a glass of Scotch, you can take things to the next level with a bar of hazelnut chocolates! On the other hand, rye whiskies can be best savoured with milk chocolates or a piece of ginger or chilly. Besides, you can certainly count on cheese any day if that’s what you’ve got in your fridge.


Hail the monk who unintentionally created the modern-day vodka! To best enjoy this ‘burning wine’, just dive straight into your kitchen and find a bottle of a pickle. Pickles are known to bring down the burn effect from vodka because of their acidic nature. Sashimi and smoked fish are also considered vodka-worth accompaniments. Dumplings, too, have found a way with vodka-lovers.


This molasses inspired drink is best relished with desserts containing dark chocolate! This is because the bitterness in dark chocolates syncs with the sweetness of rum. Dry fruits and ice-creams are also considered apt rum pairings. And if you’re keen on clubbing a savoury palette with your glass of rum, then seafood, especially Caribbean dishes, are known to be perfect delights. Bananas are also considered to be a hit when it comes to rum pairings.


Boasting a rich history, dating nearly 7,000 years ago, beers today have become synonymous with alcohol itself. The countless breweries gracing the splendid Sydney are a testament to this fact. When it comes to classic beer pairings, the sky’s the limit! So, if you’re heading to the beach armed with a light lager, stop by and grab some classic burgers and salads. For wheat beers, anything spicy or sweet will do the trick. In contrast, amber ales and dark lagers can be best enjoyed with pizzas, stews and fried foods.


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Gin traces its roots back to its medicinal predecessor called ‘genevar’. An insanely popular spirit today, ‘ginstronomy’ is a legit term by itself to describe great gin and food pairings. Walk into a gin bar in Sydney, and chances are you’ll exactly know what that term feels like on your tongue. And if you’re opening a bottle at home, whip up a delectable platter of seafood to go with it. Berries, nuts, cheese and popcorns are also known to best compliment gin.

The next time you sit down to have a lovely time with drinks and folks, the above food pairings will only brighten the memories and leave you with an unforgettable aftertaste!

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