Best Android Games That Are Gaining the Most Popularity in 2020

There are a lot of games that are made for Android and Apple phones exclusively. The majority of the population has Android phones, and there are some best android games that one can download on these phones and hook up their phones all the time. It’s always fascinating to see people moving their fingers all the time on their phone screen, isn’t it? Has it ever crossed your minds as to why people get addicted to playing games?

The cutting-edge technology has created a revolution in the gaming space as well. Many gamers are coming to light and exploring their talent in the gaming space. There are several kinds of games that one can play using their phones, X-boxes, laptops, and tablets. All these games are compatible with every other gadget as well. Hence, playing games using handheld devices has now become extremely simple and easier.

As technology is getting advanced, the kinds of games that are being created are also very hi-fi. People are now able to play 3D games, SIMs, realistic games, mind games, real-time strategy games, sports games, puzzles, riddles, and many more. Playing games is highly advantageous. However, a lot of younger generation people are getting addicted to games.

Some fascinating reasons as to why people love to play the best android games

  • One would be able to learn multi-tasking.
  • Memory becomes sharper
  • Decision-making ability increases
  • Learns the art to form strategies in real lives as well
  • Would get to know a lot on the technical front of the game as well
  • Understands the importance of UX and UI interfaces

We have written the best android game of all time in the next section of the article. If you have still not downloaded these games on to your phones, we are certain that after reading through this post, you would certainly download and start using them.


This is one of the most popular and best android games of all time. College students are found playing this game a lot than anyone else. The ‘Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner’ is one of the most popular phrases that one would get to hear from those who are addicted to this game. This is a game where people play in networks and end up fighting with each other to protect themselves. This is a real strategy game. Irrespective of the age-groups and genders, you can see everyone hooked up to their phones all the time.

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Evoland 1 and 2

These are some of the best android games that one can download on their Android mobile phones. This game comprises of different kinds of game mechanics like a puzzle, top-down shooter, classic fighter, platform mechanics, etc. When the older people are playing this game, they would certainly get a feel of the game that they played during their childhood. It comes with hardware controller support and is one of the most popular android games.


Playing Minecraft is not limited to any age group. Everyone can happily play this game for hours together. This is one of those games that would teach you the ways to win over evil using your powers. One can also enter into the survival mode where you have to spend time to find your food, and resources to sustain. In the creative mode of the game, you would have unlimited access to everything. This game can be played through servers with global players as well. So, if you have still not downloaded the Minecraft game, you must now know that this is one of the best android games.

Monument Valley

There are two versions of this game it would not be an exaggeration if we said that this is one of the most played games across the world. The stunning graphics and the mechanics in this game are brilliant. Going through an Escher-style puzzle at various levels that start from beginner to pro can be fascinating in this game. One of the best features of this game is the usage of illusions. You must certainly download this game on your Android phones if you have still not done it to experience a classic charm of the Monument Valley.

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Chain Reaction

In the very first instance, this game would come across as a very simple game. But it isn’t simple. It requires a lot of strategical, lateral, and creative thinking to play this game. Bursting those bubbles would take a toll on your brain. This game puts the mind into thinking, and as the level increases, one would certainly become more addicted to this game.


Chess is one of the best board games, and winning against your opponent can be easier. When you are playing with a processor, you must make use of all the power of your brain. You can increase levels in chess to your competency and time to make a move.

Playing chess has a lot of advantages. It sharpens the memory; helps you make decisions and strategies. Chess is one of the widely acceptable and popular games of all time.

Pokémon Go

A lot of people play Pokémon Go, and this game is dominating the world of games from a pretty long time. This is an augmented reality game, and you would feel as if you are inside the game. Completing those missions for Gyms to earn points.

It would get exciting when you get some Pokestops, the refuel station. This place can make you feel great, especially after you finish exhausting all your resources. The Pokémon Go is the highest played game by everyone, and it has created a record in the history of mobile games.

These are the best android games that you must certainly try your hands at least once if you call yourself a gamer. The experience that you get while playing these games can be fascinating and enriching as well. If you were thinking of downloading a game on your phone, we hope that this list would come handy to you.

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