6 Tips to Help you Choose the Right Laptop for your Needs

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Are you all set to bring home a brand new laptop? If yes, then you should not venture out in the market or order online just about any notebook. It is because the features of a laptop may not suit your requirements, and you may be spending more. 

Hence, it becomes a must to consider vital tips for choosing the right laptop for your needs. This post will discuss all those key considerations that you should make before purchasing an HP laptop or any other branded notebooks. Read on!

1. Always settle for a better screen

The first thing that you should consider while buying the best laptop is opting for a machine that provides you with the best screen in a price bracket. The opting for the better screen means resolution, panel type and size. Your Lenovo laptop or any other one must have an IPS/HD display if you are planning to spend around Rs.40,000. The next thing is going for a laptop that has the best higher resolution screen among the peers. Example – you can now get a Full HD screen for around Rs.40,000. Now, it comes about the size – if you want portability, go for the laptop with a smaller screen. If you would be watching a lot of movies on a laptop, then a laptop with a bigger screen will be helpful. 

2. Weight matters

Are you going to use a laptop that you are willing to use at home? Then a laptop with any weight is fine. But, if you would like to make the most of the portability and carry the notebook in a backpack, a lighter laptop should be preferred. A laptop with a screen size of around 14 inches is a nice choice. 

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3. More RAM is better

For enjoying decent computing experiences, a laptop with at least 4 GB RAM is absolute minimum these days. However, if you can get 8GB, better! If you are going to use the laptop for video and photo editing, it would be great to get a device with 16GB RAM. If you are looking for a notebook in the budget section, then you should consider a machine that comes with more RAM compared to others.

4. Go for SSD or SSD cache

You should also know that laptops with an SSD or SSD Cache (8GB or 16GB) are faster with more response. If you can stretch your budget a bit, you should opt for these laptops even if it means getting a smaller hard-disk. For example – 500GB instead of 750GB would be an excellent choice. 

5. Video RAM is not that important

If you want to buy a gaming laptop, then you should always take special care when it comes to the graphics card. But, the amount of graphics RAM is not that vital but is the graphics card model that matters. Thus, you should go for GTX as it is considered better than GTS. (peytonsplaceanimalrescue.org) GTS is better than GT when we talk about the world of Nvidia. If you take a laptop with AMD processor, the higher graphics card number means supreme performance even if the amount of video RAM stands to be lower. 

6. It is good to go for older processors

Another thing to note while buying any HP laptop, Lenovo laptop or any other branded laptop is that it is fine to buy old processor if they are Core I Series. Yes, even if they are one generation old, they work better than the latest generation Pentium. Thus, if you have to choose between two at the same price, you should go with the Core I processors. Similarly, Pentium processors are far ahead and better than Atom when it comes to performance. Yes, even if it means opting for a Pentium processor that is two years old, you should go for it.

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You just went through easy to follow tips that would help you buy the best of Lenovo laptops, HP laptops or any other brand. You can now buy a laptop confidently and without issues. Choosing the right laptop is not a big deal but making secure from cybercrime is the big matter now these days as it has a lot of personal data on it.

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