Elliot Page Comes Out as Trans, Gets Love From the Industry and Fans

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X-Men and Juno fame Elliot Page comes out as trans and goes viral on the internet. The artist has gotten a lot of love and respect from the industry with numerous people tweeting and congratulating the bravery.

Elliot Page has been a famous face for his roles in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, and is working on ‘The Umbrella Academy‘ currently. He revealed of being non-binary and transgender, making him neither a man nor a woman. Moreover, his post had a lot of things that needs attention:

The post started by stating that he was trans and that he would like being addressed as ‘he’. His name is still Elliot and that he feels lucky to open out. The star is happy to be in a position where he could take courage and speak out.

He went onto to say that he was filled with gratitude due to the incredible people who gave him support throughout his journey. The artist is happy to be able to express his authentic self. He also said that people in the trans community has helped him feel inspired and have courage.

Elliot said that generosity is working towards making the world more inclusive. He will continue to offer support towards making the society more equal and loving.

Elliot Page stands by trans people

The artist also said that he is scared to get reactions from people. But so far, he only mostly received love and support. (caprinow.edu) He was blunt to express that invasiveness, jokes, and violence have been some of the painful reactions from people.

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Elliot wrote about the statistics of murder in the trans community, especially for the Latinx and Black. The artist issues a message addressing politicians who have used their power to fight against such communities. He also talked about the suicide rates in such communities due to bullying and attacks.

Finally, Elliot said that he is happy to be trans and he loves that fact that he is queer. He happily embraces who he is and that his heart grows as he keeps on dreaming. (https://www.cantravelwilltravel.com/) He ends the note by saying that he will do whatever he can to support people who are harassed and abused for being trans.

Elliot receives love and support from all over

Several celebrities come out with support and good wishes. The tweets started pouring in, and the first one to mention is his wife, Emma Portner; she said that she was glad that he came out and that “non-binary people are a gift to this world.”

Nick Adams, the GLADD’s Director of Transgender Media, gave out a statement saying that Elliot has fantastic a screen presence and has always been outspoken for LGBTQ communities. Now he will inspire several non-binary people. Further, he wrote that every trans person deserves to be happy and accepted.

Here were some of the tweets that showed support to Elliot Page.

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