Jenna Marbles Announces an Indefinite Break From YouTube

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Jenna Marbles has recently announced about bidding farewell to YouTube a decade after starting her channel. Recently, she posted a video with a caption that says, “A Message.” It was on her channel that now has 20 million-plus subscribers. In the video, Marble speaks about her decision and why she is now answerable to her viewers. She says that a lot of people are questioning her about all the past controversies involving her. They are also expecting an apology from the YouTube sensation. So, the 33-year old entertainer says that she is now happy to give an explanation and apologize for the disgraceful acts too.

Jenna says that she is now able to empathize with the people who are questioning her. It is because she would also follow someone only when she could relate to the person. Jenna agrees to the fact that she did things in the past that she regrets now. Now that a lot of people are asking her why she has taken down a lot of her old videos, she feels that she owes an explanation. According to her, it was a necessity to make some of her old content private not to hurt anyone else.

Jenna Marbles publicly apologizes for her past acts

She is sorry about the act because a lot of those videos were a part of the nostalgia for many viewers. However, she feels it is not a good idea to make things private despite knowing those may have a negative impact. Also, Marbles feels that those old videos show how much she has come along and matured over the years, which she is very proud of. However, she does not want to offend anyone anymore with content that came to her mind years back when she was not very wise. So, it is better such things that spread hatred do not exist, and this made her delete a lot of her old vlogs.

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In the process, Jenna Marbles addressed one topic at a time and covered almost all that the viewers were eager to know about. Back in 2011, Marbles made a video in which she played Nicki Minaj, the famous singer. She now says that looking back at that, it can be called as both embarrassing and crazy. However, she wants to release an image of that video that several people had termed as blackface before. She tried to clear all the controversy stating that doing blackface was never her intention.

A much-awaited explanation

Jenna says that her apology makes no sense after so many years, but she still wants to express that her intentions weren’t bad at all. Plus, the moment she realized that the video could hurt the sentiment of people, she immediately removed it too. She then spoke about a rap song from 2011 where the stupid lyrics were racist. Now, she apologizes for that one too saying her rapping is always bad. Marbles call the video inexcusable and awful. Next was a video in which she seems to be slut-shaming that she is ashamed of.

The YouTube star went on with an array of more videos that she has now removed from her channel, stating the reasons for the removal of each. On the contrary, several people are giving mixed reactions after Jenna’s announcement, and are wishing her luck in her next projects.

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