The Ellen DeGeneres Show Season 18 Starts With Apology From the Host

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Season 18 Starts With Apology From the Host

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Season 18 has begun with a much-unexpected apology from the host herself. The show had been receiving a lot of flak since the backstage staff started calling out the toxic work atmosphere. While starting the new episodes, Ellen apologized by admitting, “things happened here that never should have happened.”

The show returned to US screens on September 21 – the first time after all the allegations emerged about the set environment. While starting, Ellen said that she is extremely sorry for the people who have been affected. She added that they are going to investigate to make necessary changes. Three of the top producers of the show have been fired after the claims of misconduct came out.

Ellen started on her typical deadpan comic tone, looking right into the camera and thanking the people who love her and are watching it because of that, and welcoming the rest who don’t love her for doing the same.

With gritted teeth and a sarcastic tone, she said that summers have been super terrific. However, she soon turned into a more serious tone and addressed what was much needed. Not only was the set blamed to be toxic for work, but there were also allegations of sexual harassment reported by multiple staff.

Ellen then said that she realizes that there are things that happened in the show but should never happen. She went onto say sorry to the people whose feelings she hurt.

Pressure of being “Be Kind” Lady explained on The Ellen DeGeneres Show season 18

Ellen has been known to be the “Be Kind” lady, as her show is all about spreading kindness and love. Since many people spread allegations on her saying that she is someone different off-screen and someone else on-screen, she clarifies the same.

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At first, Ellen said that she started saying “be kind” after knowing a person who took his life for being harassed as he was gay. Later, she moved onto say that if anyone associated themselves with the nickname “be kind” it is time to rethink. She said so, explaining the pressures of what it takes to be kind. She continued saying that along with being kind, she also feels sad, frustrated, anxious, and all other emotions anyone else can have.

The point she wanted to make was those things don’t make her not be the “be kind” lady. Additionally, Ellen said that she could not fool audiences for 17 years if she isn’t what she shows herself to be.

What happened at The Ellen Show?

Ellen had apologized in an email she sent to her staff in July, saying that what she did will not happen again. She also made an apology video meeting with the lady who accused her in August.

One spokesperson of the Warner Brothers revealed that Ellen’s show has “parted ways” with Kevin Leman and Ed Glavin. These two executive producers, along with Jonathan Norman, the co-executive producer, were sacked in August.

Buzzfeed News reported stories registered by several former staff members of Ellen’s show of facing racism. Some of them were fired for taking bereavement days, and more reasons like that.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has a considerable history, and this is a black mark to their glory. It exhibits how everything beautiful from the outside is not necessarily the same from the inside. We hope that the people working there will get the treatment they deserve, and work will be smooth for all.

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