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You already know about Google My Business and it is undoubtedly one of the simplest ways of claiming your storefront or office address on Google. This will help people to easily search for the business, as your business will simply show up towards the right side of the Google search. Also, when any target customer is searching for a service or product that you are offering, your business is going to show up within the local pack. However, one interesting thing about Google is that it is constantly making changes, which means that it is not difficult to generate leads or sales for your business. However, has stated that it can be crucial to understand how the changes can help you gain leads.

Given below is a list of the features that the marketers are constantly leveraging for generating traffic.

Welcome offers

This is undoubtedly one of the best ways of generating sales. This can be done by offering coupons as well as a discount. If this trick did not work, Cyber Monday would not be capable of bringing in 7.8 billion dollars in sales. Google understands that people are constantly looking for unique ways of saving money as well as finding amazing deals. With this feature, businesses have the option of rewarding customers by providing lucrative welcome offers.

When your present, as well as target customers, follow your business, they are going to receive first-time deals and also keep contacting you to understand when you are posting new deals. This will help in bringing new customers along with repeat customers because people are going to be notified whenever you come up with new deals.

Generate leads with few clicks

Google has added the “Request a Quote” button within the business listing, and this was discovered by Joy Hawkins. You will find this on your mobile as well when you are searching for branded terms. This is responsible for happening with those businesses, which have the messaging feature of Google My Business. This helps people to ask for several quotes on insurance, cars, as well as any services that are being offered by the businesses. As a business, you will have the option of reviewing all the quotes and reply to them. You will also be able to connect with the customers for sales.

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Claiming the URL

Every business has the option of claiming a short name as well as URL for getting listed. If you have not yet claimed the URL, you need to make sure that you are doing so before any other business takes it. (ambien pharmacy) Make sure that you are not becoming crazy because you will have the option of changing your name only three times every year. This is why you need to be extremely careful when you are choosing your business name.

You might have thought that this is not something big but if you have been on Google My Business, you already know that it is not easy to share the profile through emails and business cards without posting any URL. Your business name has to have 5 to 32 characters and it can have the business name, the location of the business, and a lot more. This is going to help your customers to search for your business within Google maps.

Google Assistant

You already know that Google has allowed customers to order food directly from stores and restaurants with the help of the Google Assistant. The food is going to be delivered through businesses that have listed themselves on Google. Users have the option of clicking on order now and can even choose whether they want immediate delivery. Payment is going to happen through Google Pay. If customers do not have Google Pay, it will be easy to add the information associated with your credit card. Irrespective of the kind of business that you are into, you will be able to sell your services and products. To understand more about this, you can visit the official website of Online Impact 360.

Auto-generated posts based on reviews

Understandably, you are busy because you have to manage all the aspects associated with your business. However, it is your responsibility, to make sure that you are creating interesting content. Google has provided easy and simple ways of generating posts. They have also started to create auto-generated posts. These posts are suggested normally through the customer reviews that you receive. This helps in keeping people engaged in your business profile even if you have not posted on your Google My Business. You will also have the option of customizing backgrounds with different colors and images. The post is going to appear on the dashboard and you have to click on “Create this post.” This is one of the simple features that will help your audience to remain engaged.

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Boost conversions by controlling images

Businesses have the option of setting preferred cover photos in the image carousel and also have a perfect place for the logos on the top right hand of the profile right beside the name of the business. This is one of the important additional features in comparison to NAP, which is the name, address, and phone number. In this feature, the business hours are also going to be featured prominently.

Creating offline material

Google is also working on launching a website, where the business will be able to order as well as receive custom promotional items like posters and stickers for advertising their business. This will help customers to follow your profile, add reviews, and also book particular things.

Place topics

Google has been responsible for launching place topics, which makes use of data based on the reviews to provide information regarding what existing customers have to say about your business. This will help the users to view themes of the reviews and it is going to be automated. It is similar to the tag cloud. This means that you will not be able to generate them on your own or even edit them. Therefore, if you do not have one, it might mean that you have not received enough reviews.


If you have still not listed yourself on Google My Business, it is time that you check it. With all the new features as well as updates, it will be easy for you to increase sales as well as collect leads. Make sure that you are considering the new features that have been listed above.

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