Selena Gomez Shielding Her Tage-Terror Perfectly Rocking The AMA 2019

The American actress, television producer, songwriter, and definitely singer have taken the world by storm with her stunning releases, hits, and performances. As one of the young faces in the celeb world, Gomez has achieved and attained much giving quite a competition to her neighbor Co-Stars big time. The music world icon has been a part of several live performances all these years.

The Stars dance 2013 was her debut performance followed by a series of them. She has performed live on her tracks which include the Stars Dance era, Revival era, When the Sun Goes Down era, Kiss & Tell era a definitely A Year without Rain era. The major events that she has been a part of and earned more fans across the globe more than ever before include the Dancing with the Stars, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Teletón, Good Morning America, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Pop-corn and any more.

However, here we are going to focus on Selena Gomez at AMA! The American Music Awards is one of the most prestigious and reputed shows that have honored renowned artists in the world of music and relevant arts for years.

Gomez made her entry in the AMA 2019 with her thrilling performances wearing a robe of conviction. But as per sources many from the celeb world, eminent personalities in the entertainment industry and the audiences, including the fans had much to say about her Gomez’s shakiness that could be seen through her shield of confidence.

Selena Gomez at AMA perfectly covered up her edginess

Selena Gomez at AMA has been loaded with comments and feedbacks regarding her performance of 2019. As we can already see in the video and many have a state that her voice has been sounding quite different than her video releases at the stage on a level where it was shaky. Sources state that she got herself a crowd of haters after the performance of the AMA 2019. On the other hand, some stated that the young and successful singer performing with and against legends in the music world definitely does not deserve hate due to her shaky performance.

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Co-artists mentioned that almost anyone can be nervous when held up in front of such a large percentage of the audience. It is very usual for anyone to become nervous at the peak off such performance on a platform like the AMA 2019. Other than that, Selena Gomez at AMA received plenty of enthusiasm during her performance from the audience. In the clip, lady fans of Selena stoop up waving to cheer Gomez up even more and groove in her AMA 2019 rhythms.

The altering outfit of Gomez

Another aspect that really snatched the attention of the audience was that she had really worked on her outfits. Setting a new sense to fashion as she always does and keeping the interests of the audiences at the peak, Selena Gomez at AMA appeared in four different robes.

The first one was a lemon green short party dress designed none other than Versace. Any red carpet occasion is an excellent chance to get booted up in the best of your outfits. Gomez chose the knockout look as you can see her perform to make the most out of the AMA night. She had switched two dresses during the ceremony and at the end of the show, she surprised the audiences in two more knockout outfits that redefined the entire Selena look.

The lime green outfit added somewhat an innocent look on her which began the show. The mini dress was from the exclusive and priceless collection of Versace’s spring 2020 which was specially meant for the Red carpet outlooks.

She also pepped up the look with a pair of pumps that had satin textures on it and also had a diamond neck set on that went perfectly with her red carpet mini dress. The next that she had worn in the later part of her performance was a black full-sleeved turtleneck gown. This portrayed a comparatively darker and bolder look than the others. This was made available by the Dior collection of bodysuits.

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The outfit during the AMA main stage performance

This was the third outfit that Selena Gomez at AMA simply rocked with. It looked more like a gorgeous mini jumpsuit. It had crystal texture on it and Gomez chose to pair it up with long black knee boots that eased to tap her feet along with the rhythms. The tracks chosen to be sung and played in the AMA were apt. there were lends of Gomez’s old as well as very recent tracks that got her fans among the audiences straight u on their feet. 

The AMA for Gomez was a comeback after quite a while

It had been two years since Gomez has not worked much to be in the limelight. However, the AMA 2019 was a massive breakthrough where she made the most out of her performance regaining her image in the industry. The media and fans also got excited about the new tattoo that Gomez had revealed in the AMA. Much has been talked about the comparatively tiny but interesting tattoo that portrays a pair of palms that are surrounded by rosary beads.

The overall performance of Gomez was evaluated by the word in many ways but she did not let her fans down. Despite the nerve shaking moments she covered up the performance with her boots of confidence. The part where Gomez is seen literally tearing another Blackbody suit apart and blending enthusiastically in the mood of her very own pop culture in the crystal jumpsuit.

At the very end of the show, the star is seen walking amidst of the crowd, cameras, and flashes in a floor-length mermaid gown with detailed ornamental designs in it. The color depicted an unusual green shade that again snatched the attention of al distracted eyes at the AMA. The star shares words later saying that she considers the 2019 AMA to be a real breakthrough for her booming career. Her performance clips had gone viral as soon as the release and are still being shared by Selena fans all over the world.

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