High Low Game

High Low Game

Tower.Bet is a unique online casino that gives everyone the opportunity to plunge into online gambling and experience rewards.  Through the variety of games, players will find themselves achieving colossal victories.  High quality game design, bonuses and offers will definitely surprise you.

The player becomes a user of the Tower Bet website after going through two mandatory procedures: registration and verification.  The essence of the first of them is solely in providing the office with data about yourself, and the second is necessary to confirm your identity.


Tower Bet claims that to register on the site, you need to go through three steps: filling out a form and sending data, receiving a link to an email to confirm the mail, receiving an email with a personal gaming account number.  Of course, the most time will need to be spent on the first step of registration, which includes filling out a questionnaire with the following required fields:

  •  name;
  •  surname;
  •  street number;
  •  postal code / city;
  •  country;
  •  currency;
  •  Date of Birth;
  •  e-mail;
  •  password;

 After that, the player is asked to enter the code to receive the bonus, as well as subscribe to the newsletter about bonuses and receive calls and SMS messages.  

By clicking on the “Register now” button, the client confirms that he has already turned 18 years old, he has familiarized himself with all the rules of the office and he is ready to use the game account exclusively independently. In case of violation of the rules, he understands that his account can be  blocked with the loss of all funds.  After filling in all the fields and agreeing to the terms, a letter is sent to the mail to confirm the email, which can be performed in one click.  In conclusion, you just need to check your data by logging into your account.

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 Game plot

A popular card game in which the player must guess if the next card is higher or lower than the previous one.  The game uses 13 cards of each suit.  At the start of the game, all cards in a randomly shuffled deck are face down.  At this point, players can start placing bets by making several consecutive assumptions.


High Low is a game in which you have to guess the next card. If you guess correctly, you win.

 The payout depends on the cards you choose.  High and low bets are placed with dynamic payout rates that depend on the number of cards remaining in play.  Other bets are made with fixed payouts depending on the rarity of the cards.

 You can place your bets manually or using preset bet amounts and multiplier buttons.

 Each round of the game starts with a new deck of cards.  Each deck of cards consists of red, black and jokers.  All decks have 25 cards: Joker, 2 red, 2 black, 3 red, 3 black, 4 red, 4 black, 5 red, 5 black, 6 red, 6 black, 7 red, 7 black, 8 red, 8 black  , 9 red, 9 black, J red, J black, Q red, Q black, K red, K black, A red, A black, 10s are missing.  Note that the hierarchy of cards starts with 2 as the lowest card and increases to Ace as the highest card.

 Hi-Lo is provably fair and you can always check your bets with a verifier.

Bonuses & Promotions

The bonus program from Bet-at-Home cannot boast of a wide variety of offers and promotions, however, clients do not remain without bonuses at all.  Upon registration, the player receives a welcome bonus, which is classic for most of such organizations, which is equal to 50% of the first deposit amount up to 50 EUR, and getting it is not as difficult as with many competitors.  The company is especially sensitive to casino lovers, who are regularly offered various promotions to increase their pleasure from the game.

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 The names of the best winners of different games in Tower Bet  are displayed in a special rating, which can be seen on the main page.  It seems to be a trifle, and there are not so many examples when companies encourage their winners in this way.

 The team wants to release a welcome bonus, cashback bonus and a random bonus that will be bigger than you have ever experienced.  Sign up at Tower.bet to be the first to know about their upcoming Bitcoin bonuses.


Become a part of this revolutionary platform that is shaping the new forms of the global cryptocurrency online gaming industry as we know today.  In fact, Tower Bet develops with new, fresh and innovative ideas and there is no limit to them.  Players will love all the new concepts which Tower Bet offers while playing some of the best and simplest games out there.  Get ready for epic wins and awesome opportunities!

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