How to choose a bed base?

How to choose a bed base?

For the comfort of sleep, we think first and foremost about the quality of the mattress. But do not neglect the bed frame that will allow a good hold of all bedding

The models of the bed base

The box spring: the box spring is not recommended for people with a bad back. It usually lacks firmness and can only accommodate a spring mattress, preferably a mattress. Another of its faults is not to provide ventilation to the mattress. However, this type of bed base continues to be acclaimed. You must choose a box spring pocket. Each spring is independent and the whole becomes more comfortable.

The slatted frame: the slatted frame is the most common in French homes. With its spaced lath system, it provides natural ventilation to the mattress and thus increases its life. In addition, an air mattress helps prevent allergies and rheumatism problems. For foam or latex mattresses, the slatted base is required.

The box spring: the box spring has the distinction of being covered with fabric. It is most often the decorative side that motivates this choice. The box spring can be springs or slats, but in any case, it does not promote ventilation of the mattress. However, its concept ensures good longevity.

The relaxation bed: this bed can be modulated by raising the head or the feet. It can be equipped with an electric motor or manual controls. Ideal for bedridden people, the relaxation bed exists with slats, springs or studs. (Provigil)

The box spring: previously reserved for the relaxation bedding, the box spring exists now in the fixed version. The studs provide regular support in all movements. The box spring is particularly recommended for people prone to back problems.

The criteria of choice

The price: that’s what will distinguish a box spring from another. The slatted bed frame is usually in good rates. However, depending on the wood used for the manufacture of slats, the cost may increase.

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The equipment: according to the mattress already owned or is contemplated for purchase. The mattress and box spring must be fully coordinated to provide optimal comfort.

The maintenance: back problems or rheumatism are taken into account. In this case, it is better to avoid the box springs and the box springs.

The allergy: for those susceptible to allergies, a slatted base, leaving the mattress breathe, is preferable.

How to choose a bed base

The bed frame is one of the equipment that ensures a good quality of sleep. It is indeed a key element of your bedding because it improves ventilation and can help relieve some back pain. There are several types of bed springs on the market today, so it’s important to define your needs before making a purchase.


The slatted frame is the most common type of best bed base; it offers very good support for the mattress, but also a structure allowing good air circulation. It is considered that the height of a slatted bed base can vary between 7 and 30 cm. You should know that when you want to buy a slatted base, you must also choose the type of suspension of the latter. There is no good or bad decision about the suspension, it depends only on your personal preferences.

Without suspension or slatted frame:

This is the so-called “classic” version of the slatted base, the slats can be more or less wide and spaced, its comfort is firm but lacks elasticity

With suspension or slatted frame with articulated slats:

This type of slatted bed base offers a better sleeping comfort: this technology makes it possible to follow the position and movements of the body on the mattress during sleep, which allows a better adaptation to the morphology of the user. There are also beds with suspension and firmness sliders that give greater elasticity to the slats including the shoulders and pelvis. The latter is also known for its great resistance.

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Slatted bedstead or box spring?

The main difference between a box spring and slatted sleep is at the level of aesthetics. Indeed, a box spring has a frame surrounded by fabric to protect the bed frame from possible impacts if it is solid wood.

It should also be borne in mind that a slatted bed frame has a better comfort because it can be equipped with sliders firmness. From the point of view of allergies, a box spring is contraindicated because an additional tissue surface represents an additional risk of proliferation of mites.

Spring bed base

A box spring generally contains two types of springs: biconical springs or pocket springs. It is generally considered that the more springs there are, the more the bed base is likely to be comfortable. It is important to note that the box spring has much more supportive support than a slatted frame. Although it is still appreciated by some sleepers, this type of bed frame no longer corresponds to the comfort standards of new generation mattresses.

Compatibility with different mattresses

Slatted bed bases without suspension are indicated for foam mattresses only. The box springs are indicated for mattresses with springs and foam. Slatted bed bases with suspension, with or without firmness sliders are compatible with all types of existing mattresses (latex, foam, springs).

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