How to Use Tiktok: Step by Step Guide to Use the App

how to use tiktok

In a universe where we barely spend four seconds to focus on something, the ease of use and instant catchiness of TikTok is amazingly welcome. Immense databases of sound and channels, combined with the simplicity of altering make transferring comedic content far simpler than applications like Instagram or Snapchat. TikTok doesn’t take lots of preparation or time. If you’re wondering about how to use Tiktok and what makes it good, let us find it out here.

TikTok depicts itself as a platform for catching and presenting the world’s creativeness, information, and entertainment. The access is straightforward from the cell phone. The app empowers everybody to be a maker, as well as urges clients to share enthusiasm and inventive articulation by means of their recordings.

Wide reach

  • 66% of the entire population of its clients are younger than 30-years of age.
  • 60% of the application’s month to month clients are in the range of 16 and 24.

The content on TikTok is significantly more focused and centered. The individuals utilizing TikTok are usually the individuals making the content.

How to use TikTok

TikTok is a Chinese online application that works on the principle of permitting you to share short recordings. The universal form of the application has more than one billion users. According to the records of 2019, it was the second-most downloaded application all-inclusive, after WhatsApp.

ByteDance claims it and has transformed out of the lip-synchronizing application Consequently, the music stays a significant piece of the experience.

Do you want to know how to use TikTok effects? Check out the following steps to make a perfect TikTok video:

Step 1 – Download the application and sign up

For that, go to the App Store or Google Play and download the application for Tiktok. Next, open it and go ahead with the easy-to-use signup. You can also get instant sign up with Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter. There are options for the addition of the standard username as well as a password when your account is already signed in.

Step 2 – Set up the profile

As you are logged in, you have to instantly get the feed of videos, tap the icon in the lower right corner that will look like the outline of a person for seeing and editing the profile.

Once you enter the profile details, tap the option edit profile button, then make a selection of the profile photo or video that you want to set. You can also add the username along with the other information. In case you want to show off to the other social media profiles, you can start linking it up with the YouTube or Instagram pages. In case you are running a business, then this can be a helpful way of advertising your other visual platforms.


Step 3 – Find videos in the feed

For that, you must first set up the profile, then tap the back to the first time which will show you the video feed. Then you can compare it to the field that is similar to Twitter. But here the video is the primary content. If you don’t have any followers, the application will start sending you the trending videos.

As you start interacting and following more people, you can get the field that will become more personalized according to your interests.

Step 4 – Start liking and sharing

Start getting the like, comment, or sharing the videos that you enjoy when you find the video and will match your expectations. You can click on the button for liking it. There is also the speech bubble for commenting on it for sharing the video.

Just press the forward sign underneath that is available on the comment symbol for seeing your sharing options. The symbols are always located on the right-hand side of the video that you are watching. If you really like the video and want to see more posts from the same person, you have just swipe left for talking to the profile.

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Step 5 – Start searching for videos

For that, you can tap on the second term that will come as a magnifying glass. Now you enter the search area of the application. On this tab, you can either search out the videos for accounts or else you can also look for the search bar that will let you see the videos that are trending by means of the topic search that you have entered.

Step 6 – Follow users

If you have to start following users via the search videos and the tikcode, you can keep the great video creator that will follow them by pressing just the icon in close up of the profile picture and a + sign. It is just above the heart button available on the video. If you already know the Tiktok account of other people that you are following, you can search for them in the search bar and then click on the filter term as users.

You can also find them by scanning the Tikcode. The objective becomes fruitful for the brands or people who want the promotion of their TikTok channel or web sites in the physical world. It can also be a great option in case you run into a friend who wants to just add you. For finding the code, you can go to the profile and tap the icon for search with the 4 icons in the top right.

Step 7 – Explore how to use TikTok

For this, you have to set up the shot and pick out the special effects. You have to just tap the center tab for entering the camera mode. Then you have to face the camera in the right direction and tap the flip icon that is available in the top right on the right side of the screen. You can also see the icons that will be available like speed, beauty, timer, filters.

  • Speed will allow you to record the video in the slow-motion or speed it up according to your choices.
  • Beauty will at the air filter that can hide the premises as well as smoothen out the skin.
  • You can get the timer that will allow you to set the audio record countdown in case you want to film handsfree.
  • Filters will let you change the color filter of the camera.

Again, there is a flash that will give you adequate support. You can now proceed towards setting the music and effects on the top of the center of the camera screen.

You can see that music notes will come with the option and a sound next to them. For this, you have to take this to choose the musical overlay on the sound effect that you want to go ahead with.

tiktok app

Again, on the bottom of the camera, you can also see the effects icon and on the right, you will get the upload button. In case you want to record the videos that are outside the application, tap the effects button. You will see the giant lineup of the filters that will use the special effects for augmenting the face of the surroundings.

You can also pick the video overlay style filter for filtering according to your choices. Again in the black bar under the camera, you can set the time limit for recording and it will be recording the video. Then, you can tap on the photo template for the creation of the photo slideshow instead of the video.

Step 8 – Recording video

Now you can go ahead with recording the video once you are ready. Just press and hold the red record button. You can also record the video all at once or in the fragments.

If you want to fit the different shots in the video as well as record them into this, then you have to just go ahead with clicking on the record button and holding it down for the next segment. Then, you can let it go. Again, start pressing and holding it for the next shot. If you don’t want to hold the record button all the time. You have to enter record mode by specifying the timer to give yourself enough time for popping up the phone and posing it before it starts making the recording automatically.

Step 9 – Add effects

Now start making the final edits and adding the caption to the video as soon as you are done recording the video. You’ll still get the option for adding the musical overlay filters as well as the basic special effects.

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For that, you can also add stickers and text bubble is right on the top of the video. As soon as you complete this, you will be directed to the page that is similar to the posting page of Instagram where you can go ahead with the addition of the caption and relevant hashtag. You can also set the privacy of the video by turning comments on or off. It will allow starting on the reactions and you have to tap on the save to album for downloading it to the smartphone. Again, if you are not ready for the posting, just press the duet button at the bottom left for saving it at a later stage.

Step 10 – Make duets

You can also go ahead with making it with others. See the musical post that you love. If you wish to join other people with a TikTok account, it will always allow you to reply with a video. For using this, you have to find the former feature. It will let you find the video that you want to go with. Just press the share button.

For seeing the sharing options, you have to click on the button duet on the bottom right corner. The camera screen will now appear next to the video. From there, you can continue processing the record and singing along dancing or doing whatever you want to show. If you want to make the post and don’t want anyone else to be with you, just tap on the duet or react of a button on the post’s page before getting it published online.

Step 11 – Follow TikTok Trends

Like other social media platforms, it will occasionally see the video with hashtags that will come under challenges. The challenge works when the video, post, company, or the person starts encouraging the users to film themselves doing something. It can involve specific participants that help to start filming themselves doing the action. There is also an option to set the #tag challenge name in the post captions.

Again there are winners in every challenge of Tiktok. But, the hashtagging is a cool one for getting more followers and views to your post. For getting a quick result, you can go through certain challenges that will give you a better option for making the videos.

A short highlight of the best ideas

  • Lip sync video is one where a song can inspire many people for creating it. You can also be creative and a by trying the lip sync video and let others see your performance.
  • Pet video will give you the option of making videos of your cute dogs or cats while making its cute moment of them.
  • There is a duet video option that is special for YouTubers. They can open the video from Facebook that you want to create and then tap on the share icon. Then, go ahead with selecting duet. In this way, they can make a video as you wish and attract visitors.
  • The TikTok should keep up with the trend. When it is the festival time, one can make a video about it like what kind of festival it is and what’s interesting about the festival. He or she can also go ahead with making videos about how the celebration was going on. In this way, he or she can get more views.
  • There is an imitating option for the other popular videos. There are plenty of popular videos available on Tiktok. You should choose the same topic or the similar one for going ahead with the performance.
  • Start showing off your skills. If you have certain skills like dancing, singing, or drawing, or speaking in Chinese or Japanese, you can show the skills and become special.
  • If you are traveling abroad and taking the pictures that are interesting or recording the scenic views, you can upload them for people to react.
  • You can start creating the brand-new #challenge. The #challenges are quite popular on a free platform like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. But, before creating the brand-new #challenge, you must keep in mind to keep it easy and fun so that more people are willing to participate.

Final thoughts

What sets TikTok separate from other internet-based life stages is the manner in which it discovers recordings for the user.

Unlike Facebook, which suggests content dependent on your companions’ movement, TikTok strives for digging profound into clients’ conduct on the application. This process makes sense of preferences. It’s true that anybody can become “TikTok acclaimed”. So, get hands-on the application today and become famous in no time.

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