How to score a 90+ in Maths board exam of class 10

score a 90+ in Maths board exam of class 10

Class 10 board examinations make a pivotal point for the academic profile of a student. It is very important for students to fetch a good aggregate percentage in this board examination of class 10 in order to have an upper hand for subject selection for 10+2. While students struggle to maximise their scores in the other theoretical subjects, the CBSE class 10 Mathematics syllabus gives them an opportunity to fetch a full mark in it. For those students who falter in few concepts of mathematics, showing all the steps working in every sum is advisable. 

The arithmetic progression class 10 is one of the most scoring chapters and it is very important for students to understand these concepts, as there will be related and advanced concepts from these topics in classes 11 and 12. Here are some tips that will help students improve their maths score and aim at 90+ scores in the 10th board exam.

Following the updated syllabus of class 10

The foremost step of preparing for class 10 board maths exams is referring to an updated maths syllabus from the official website of the board. Planning the daily or weekly study routine with close reference to the syllabus will help the students to cover all the topics at a faster pace. Also, while going through the maths syllabus and ticking off the topics that are already covered, will help students to plan for the required time they need to devote to each unit of the syllabus.

Note down all the formulae on a separate sheet of paper

Often, while practicing the sums of a particular chapter, all the formulae seem to be easy enough to recall. But when students move on to the next chapters, they tend to forget the formulae of the previous chapters. In order to score a 90+ in the class 10 maths exam, it is necessary to learn all the formulae thoroughly. It is highly recommended that students should write down the formulae from all the chapters in a separate sheet of paper and revise it everyday. Also, using various colored highlighter pens to highlight the difficult formulae helps them work on it effectively. Revising the formulae on a regular basis will certainly help students to recall all of them.

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Identify and work on the problem areas 

In class 10 Maths syllabus, the problem areas vary for individual students. Some may find few concepts of geometry to be their problem area, while others may get stuck while solving the sums from algebra. It is suggested that class 10 students should cover all the concepts from the maths syllabus at the earliest, so that there is enough time left for them to work on their problem areas. Devoting a greater amount of time to the problem areas is a key to score a 90+ in maths board exam. Students are suggested to revise each of the chapters multiple times to get an upper hand in the problem areas.

Use an effective sorting method

Students may use a separate notebook for each unit of the maths syllabus. This way it will be more convenient for them to revise the sums before the examination. Students may have separate notebooks for arithmetic, algebra and geometry so as to keep the sums of each unit handy. The preparation for class 10 maths board exams is all about practicing and revising all the topics over and over again. Many students practice sums from various reference books for this purpose. Students who practice sums from different reference books may use a different sorting method. They may maintain  separate notebooks for each topic and practice sums from a particular topic both from NCERT maths textbook and the reference book in the notebook.

Revise and re-check the intermediate steps of every sum

The marking scheme of CBSE board for maths facilitates step-marking. Hence it is always suggested that students should not skip any step while solving a sum in the maths board exam. It is advisable that students should develop a habit of re-checking all the steps in a sum from the very beginning of class 10. This way, they will be able to identify the errors and avoid losing marks in the exam for silly mistakes. Making it a habit of showing all the intermediate steps while solving a sum, will also save them from losing the entire marks when any sum goes wrong. Even if the final answer of the sum is incorrect, they will be marked for the intermediate correct steps.

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Solve the previous years CBSE board question papers

Once students are through with the entire maths syllabus, it is highly advisable that they should solve the sums from previous years board question papers. Following the previous years board question papers will help them analyse the question pattern and weightage of topics as well. While they analyse these board question papers, they will be able to identify the concepts that are mostly repeated over the years. Also, students will become familiar with the number of choices they get in each section of the question paper. Solving the previous years board question papers within the stipulated time as mentioned on the question papers will help them analyse the pace they need to maintain in the exam. This way they may work upon their time-management skills.

Attempt the easy questions first

One of the major strategies to score a 90+ in the maths board exam of class 10 is sorting the sums according to difficulty levels. It is always suggested that students should attempt the easier questions in the beginning of the exam. This keeps up their confidence throughout the exam. In case a student is unable to get the desired answer for any sum, it is better to move on to the next question. Retrying to solve the same sum over and over again will somehow hamper the confidence of students. In case they are stuck in any sum, it is suggested that they should attempt it after completing the rest of the sums. 

An effective study plan for the board exams of class 10 requires students to be very regular and rigorous with the practice sessions. In order to have a clear understanding, they may refer to the consolidated study resources available on various online study portals. Also, for the problem areas, students may refer to the prescribed reference books for each subject. For a thorough practice of all the topics in the class 10 Maths syllabus students can refer to the vedantu ncert solutions for class 10 maths chapter 5 available on various online study portals.

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