John Krasinski Invites Oprah And Others For SGN Graduation

SGN Graduation

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to spread all over the world. With over 3.76 million confirmed positive cases and 264 thousand deaths, the virus has created a wave of fear amongst everyone. As several nations have declared lockdowns, people are finding new ways to spend their free time at home. On the other hand, celebrities like John Krasinski are trying to entertain everyone with their talent. John came up with the idea of ‘Some Good News (SGN)’ in late March when he uploaded the first episode of the show. In the newest episode of SGN, John arranged SGN graduation for the class of 2020, where he bought some famous people like Oprah and Malala. 

In the first episode of Some Good News, John told everyone that in these trying times, when the internet is full of disturbing news, he will come up with some good news to cheer everyone up. Few of the news pieces shared in that episode of the series are:

  • John Mentioned how people are praising the healthcare workers for their efforts towards the pandemic. Along with that, he showed people helping one another to make everyone’s lives easier. 
  • He bought up many people’s videos who were trying to celebrate their big moments while maintaining social distancing. 
  • He celebrated The Office’s 15th anniversary, with his co-star of the show, Steve Carell.   
  • His favorite news was of a 15-years-old Californian girl who returned to her home after her chemo treatment. Her mom shared a video on the internet showing how the girl’s friends and family were celebrating her return with a social distancing cheering. 

This episode of the series was uploaded on 29th March 2020. Since then, John has managed to upload five more, including the latest SGN graduation episode. Let’s jump directly to the sixth episode highlights and see what John has managed to bring for his fans.

SGN Graduation With John Krasinski

SGN Graduation

The sixth episode of Some Good News was uploaded on its official YouTube channel on 3rd May 2020, and as always, the video started with a spinning globe. After the greetings, John mentioned the criticism that his show is facing. In each one of those critic tweets, people were just asking John to spin the globe in the right directing. The point to notice in these tweets was that they loved John Krasinski and his show, but all they wanted was to correct the globe’s spinning direction.

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After reading the critic notes, he showed one of his fan arts. It was an animated video of John in his SGN attire, which is formals on top, and shorts as the bottom. He was dancing while introducing his show, and the globe was seen to be spinning in the right direction, finally. 

The News

Following the introduction, John bought up this week’s good news. Here are the highlights:

  • A boy in North Carolina, who claims to be the biggest JEEP fan, turned eight recently. For his birthday, 310 JEEPs turned out at his place after his mother tweeted, asking people to make her son’s birthday special. 
  • The next in line was an inspiring story of Captain Tom Moore, who managed to collect over 36 million pounds single-handedly, for the NHS charities. In addition to this story was the fact that he became 100-years-old last week. For his birthday, he received over ten thousand birthday cards. 
  • Two girls in Albany, California, became famous as they came up with the idea of shouting complements to the people on the streets. John did not have video footage for the same, so he recreated the scene with Samuel L Jackson shouting complements for people on the streets. 
  • Another good news mentioned an FDNY firefighter who played guitar to show his gratitude towards the healthcare workers. 
  • The best news came in the last, stating that John Krasinski is finally an action figure. 

Weather Check

SGN Graduation

After the news session, John bought up the weather check, in which Ryan Renolds told him the weather was ‘pretty good.’ 

SGN Graduation Ceremony

Then started the SGN graduation session, where John mentioned that this is the season of graduations, but many people are not graduation because of the lockdowns. So, he made an SGN graduation ceremony for all the students in the class of 2020. The session started with people from various universities and places. Then many class speakers gave some motivational words to their fellow mates, just to make them feel better about the ongoing situation. 

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After that, John bought some amazing commencement speakers for SGN graduation. The speakers were Oprah, Jon Stewart, Steven Spielberg, and Malala, who gave some motivation to the students from the class of 2020. The students were shocked to see their favorite stars on their computer screens, but they managed to ask them some questions. 

All the speakers gave remarkably motivational answers to each one of the students. Once the speakers were done with their job, John provided some videos and photographs of people graduating with SGN. They all seemed to be enjoying the SGN graduation ceremony. 


SGN Graduation

The idea of Some Good News came up to John Krasinski when he realized that the internet is only filled with tragic news, and the goods ones are not getting the attention they deserve. After that, he asked people to share some of the good news with him on twitter. Since then, a lot of people have come up with several good news pieces from all over the world. John selects the best news from all the clutter and shares it with his fans every week. 

Such an initiative is beneficial in times like this, where people are panicking due to the spreading virus. These news pieces give some hope and happiness to them and assure them that everything will be fine soon. People love the concept of Some Good News, especially when it is accompanied by John Krasinski’s humor and other celebrities like Ryan Ronalds and Jon Stewart. SGN graduation has already managed to gain over 2 million views, which shows how much people are enjoying John. 

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