Logan Paul and KSI Reveal Their Biggest Mistakes

Logan Paul is a famous YouTuber, actor, and director hailing from Westlake, Ohio. Logan Paul has gained immense popularity as a YouTube Vlogger. He owes much of his popularity courtesy to the smartphone app, Vine. He was featured in magazines as well such as Adweek. Soon after he shot to fame, Logan went for an international tour covering Spain, London, China, Germany, Brazil, and many other locations where he videoed himself doing splits. Over the years, he has gained immense popularity through YouTube and collaborated with other YouTube stars and celebrities such as Kevin Hart. During his brazil tour, he went to the Olympics where he along with his roommate made a video that has received over 60 million views within seven days, but the video was removed soon due to copyright issues.

Unless you’re living under rock currently, you probably have a fair idea about 31st of December 2017 and how it was the day when Logan Paul made one of the Biggest Mistakes of his professional life! This 22-year-old fellow has long been a Youtube sensation! On vacation, he uploaded a video of him with his friends. They were walking around the suicide forest, as known as Aokigahara Forest during which they came across the body of a suicide victim. They made a video of the body, and at the same time, they also explained the experience they have gone they were having with the body of a suicide victim around them. But the biggest mistake that they made after filming the body of the suicide victim was uploading the video on YouTube.

Soon after they uploaded the video, he has received a lot of criticism from his followers who once used to be his fan. Soon after, Logan Paul was forced to delete the Video from YouTube following the harsh criticism that he had received from his fans and celebrities. A few days later, he has also issued an apology video for the same.

This all happened quite a long ago. But, the Video sparkled a controversy one more time as YouTube released that it is soon going to cut all its business term with the 24-years-old YouTuber, Logan Paul. Quite recently, YouTube announced it officially that it was planning to cut the business ties that it had with Logan Paul.

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As per a report published by BBC, it stated that the YouTube Channel of Logan Paul has already been removed and the entire list of future projects with the YouTube star has been put on hold.

Though it may sound very harsh, this isn’t the first time someone has been banned on YouTube. Over the years, many people have been YouTubers has been banned from YouTube during the pick time of their career. Some of the most famous YouTuber who has been banned from while their YouTube career was blooming are Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), Zoe Sugg (Zoella), as well as Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji (KSI). Each of them has made some Biggest Mistakes while making videos that have been found out to be breaching the guidelines of Facebook.

Sugg, one of the aspiring writers, was also harshly criticized when it was found that she was working with Ghostwriters for wiring her best-selling book, Girl Online. She was further criticized last year when she revealed her advent calendars which her fans considered to be over-priced.

What to learn from the Biggest Mistakes of the famous YouTubers?

Well, from their past, we can learn what to and especially what not to put on YouTube.

On 331st December 2017, Logan Paul made one of the biggest Biggest Mistakes of his life, which affected his career as a Vlogger.

During his vacation, he shot the video of a suicide victim while walking at the base of Mount Fuji. And apart from Logan, many other stars have also received criticism for making similar biggest mistakes. One of them is Kjellberg who was criticized by his fan after he apparently made some anti-Semitic and racist remarks. Kjellberg has additionally gone under for calmly making bigotry and Anti-Semitic comments in his recordings.

In 2012, Olatunji was prohibited from going to future Eurogamer Expos because of his unseemly conduct towards ladies at the occasion. This, in the long run, prompted the loss of a few major name brand sponsorship bargains, incorporating his arrangement with Microsoft.

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Influencers and makers need to guarantee they encircle themselves with a strong group, that comprehends the long haul vision and marking methodology of that influencer/maker’s image that would help them to prevent the Biggest Mistakes of their life.

Not at all like your normal twenty-something, when a YouTube star or Instagram superstar tightens up, they do it in front of a robust team of assistants. A decent group, working off-camera for a maker or influencer, will limit the danger of making the biggest mistakes from happening while additionally giving PR backing and business exhortation.

This additionally gives dependability to brands hoping to team up with makers or influencers, as the board can endeavor to guarantee that a specific open picture is depicted by their customers. Along these lines, best in class vloggers and brands ought to endeavor to work with trustworthy groups when looking for achievement in the influencer showcasing the industry and prevent from making Biggest Mistakes.

Logan Paul claims that 2017 was an excellent year for him. But right when he walked into 2018, it was utterly shameful!

Even though his last few months didn’t go well when he went to visit some famous places, but Logan, at last, had a good experience when he visited Dubai along with his ITP live crew around this November. He had a warm welcome at the airport, and he always has been respectful towards the culture of the UAE throughout his career. He was also respectful while vlogging in Dubai, but he hasn’t left behind his Logan attitude for which he became famous and has been loved by all for so many years.

These lessons will help aspiring YouTubers not to make the same biggest mistakes in their career.

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