Netflix Unveils Stranger Things Season 4! Hold Your Breath For Terrifying Surprises!

Technology has been advancing at a lightning-fast speed. With every dynamic change in the technological realm, there is a brand-new transformation in the world. People now can access everything within a few clicks and scrolls. The entertainment industry has been largely benefitted by the advancement of technology. From televisions to live streaming sites, the approach of entertaining people has seen tremendous changes over the past few decades.

Video live streaming on the internet has changed the entertainment industry in more than ways. It has enabled people to connect and communicate with brands all over the world. From movies, TV shows to songs, everything is now available on live streaming sites. The wide popularity of internet-dependent media is the primary reason behind the surge of such live streaming sites. Other reasons behind the popularity of these sites are the growing use of smartphones and getting entertainment on the go.

50% of mobile traffic comes from video content that includes content from live streaming sites.  

Many businesses have adopted live broadcasting as their primary marketing strategy due to their wide exposure and reach among the audience.

Netflix: Crushing The Competition

Netflix is one of the dominant companies in the media industry that is a popular live streaming site. It has radically replaced television with its compelling range of programs and movies. Netflix has a wide range of TV shows and movies that engage the audience on this platform. The company has brought a significant boom in the television industry that has encouraged cable companies to change their policies. Netflix is galore of compelling that includes movies, documentaries, kids shows, TV series.

With a flat monthly or yearly subscription, the audience can relish their favorite movies or binge-watch the trending TV shows. Back in 1997, Netflix started as a website that provided DVDs online on rent. At that time period, the company was competing against physical video rental stores. In 2007, Netflix turned the tables by bringing its streaming services. Now, the audience can watch shows and movies on different devices. Providing on-demand content and providing a unique collection of programs, Netflix treaded towards productivity. By 2017, Netflix started giving fierce competition to the TV and cable networks with the original content. And today, Netflix is the highest-rated live streaming service provider that offers some of the best TV shows and movies. Over the years, Netflix has created a strong base of loyal users.

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Stranger Things: A Record-Breaking Netflix Show

Though movies have their own place in the Netflix video content collection, Netflix TV shows are much more popular among the audience. There is plenty of original Netflix series that has been doing good business in the industry. Debuted on Netflix three years ago on Netflix, Stranger Things is a popular Netflix

TV show. Unless you are living under the rock, you would know how popular this thriller show is. Since its launch, the show has only treaded towards popularity, due to its unique concept and storyline. It didn’t take long for Stranger Things to bag number 2 spot in the popular TV shows on Netflix. Apart from this acclamation, Stranger Things has also been named as the higher ranking favorite TV shows among the users. The number one spot is donned by Orange is The New Black. In a poll, it was found that both the shows are way more popular than any other licensed shows on Netflix.

Created by Duffer Brother, Matt, and Ross, Stranger Things is an American sci-fi horror tv series that revolves around a group of kids. The plot of the series is set in 1983 in Hawkins, Indiana. The first season of the series majorly focused on the disappearance of a boy and the appearance of a little girl who helped the missing boy’s friends to search him. The boy is seen to emerge in an alternate world with supernatural events occurring around him.

The TV series is stretched across three seasons. The first season which was released in 2016, was accepted and applauded by the audience across the globe. Soon after the launch of the first season, the show acquired a strong fan base. The makers of TV series were unaware that the show would receive such a massive response. Owing to the tremendous success of season 1, the makers were compelled to release the second season with equal or more surprising elements. And as expected, season 2 also created a buzz in the industry. To further blow audiences, Stranger Things recently released its third season in July 2019. The twists and turns seen in the latest season were blowing fan’s minds off.

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Fans have taken to their social media accounts to express their shock and surprise that the Stranger Things season 3 has brought to them. Before fans could digest the thrill caused by the third season, the makers have already announced Stranger Things 4. On September 30, 2019, Stranger Things released a 45 seconds teaser on YouTube that unveiled Season 4.

After watching this little teaser, that has “We’re Not in Hawkings Anymore,” it is anticipated that Stranger Things season 4 has some good stuff up its sleeve. Though the season release date has not been confirmed yet, fans are already excited to watch the trailer. Netflix made an official announcement that Duffer Brothers has signed a multi-year contract to produce series and films that will also include Stranger Things season 4.

Stranger Things 4 is all set to blow your mind. Hold your breath as the much-awaited sci-fi horror series make a comeback with more terrifying surprises.

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