Nail Products That You Should Never Buy

nail products

Long well-shaped nails and beautiful nail arts have always been in trend. The only two things that have changed over time are one, the quality of nail polishes and two, the new innovative nail products. The quality of nail polishes have improved in the last decade or so. And these nail polishes have different price ranges according to their quality, better the quality, more expensive is the nail polish. Good quality nail polishes will have the following features:

  • They would not harm the nail or weaken it.
  • They will dry quickly.
  • Their colors are very rich.
  • They are durable, which means you do not need to refresh it every now and then.
  • Their consistency is neither too liquid nor too thick.
  • They promise what they say. This means if they say ‘Glossy’, then they are glossy and if they say ‘Matte’, then they are matte. If nothing is mentioned on the bottle, then you can expect a glossy nail polish.

Though a good quality nail polish will be expensive, a higher price does not guarantee good quality. So do not judge on the basis of the price, check before buying. Also, there are nail polishes of various types, available in the market. From glossy to matte to clear to glitter, you name it and it will be there. But there are certain nail polishes that do not deliver what they promise. Their promise can claim ‘Matte’ and they can turn out glossy or their promise can claim ‘Glitter’ and they can turn out clear. But this kind of fraud is usually done by bad quality nail polish brands.

Also, there are certain nail products available in the market. These nail products help in making the manicure procedure easy and fast. Some of the best nail products are:

  • Base coats: They are applied before the nail polish and it helps in keeping the nail protected and strong.
  • Manicure kits: There is a wide range of manicure kits available. They help in giving yourself an “at-home” manicure.
  • Nail oils: These oils help in growing the nails faster and stronger.
  • Cuticle care products: Well, cuticles also play an important role in the look of your nails. So there are certain products like cuticle oil, cuticle clipper and cuticle cream that you can go for.
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But, where it is good, there is bad too. There are certain nail polishes and products available on, that you should avoid buying. Because either they do not fulfill what they claim or they are of no use. Some of these “worst-rated nail products on Amazon” are:

The Nail Polish Lacquer Shaker

nail products

This is an electronic product that works on ac adaptor as we as batteries. It has got a nail polish holder where you are supposed to put your nail polish’s bottle and then put the strap on to secure it. When you will switch it on, it will start vibrating/shaking the nail polish holder along with the nail polish.

Though it provides what it claims, its use cannot be found. Nail polish bottles are quite convenient to hold and shake, so why would someone spend $42 on this product? Still, if you want to buy this, you can buy it from here: Nail Polish Lacquer Shaker.

Nail Dust Vacuum Collector

This is like a mini Vacuum Cleaner that is supposed to clean the nail dust, that is released from filing or buffing of nails. First of all, the product is quite big to be carried anywhere. Second, it does collect most of the nail dust, but it did not get all of the tiny particles of it. Though the product just costs $15, there is certainly not much use of it in everyday life.

If you have a pet that leaves its hair everywhere, then it can help in cleaning that up. But it is definitely not useful as a nail product. You can buy it here: Nail Dust Collector.

Unicorn Nail Polish

When the word Unicorn is mentioned, everybody would think about colours and glitters. But this is a clear base polish which has coloured plastic confetti in it. And because of bad concentration, you end up getting just a few coloured pieces of plastic on each nail when you apply it. And it acts more like a clear polish.

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The product costs $46 and paying this much for a clear coat is so not worth it. If you want to try it by yourself, you can get it here: NPW Unicorn Nail Polish.

Banana Nail Polish

nail products

Though this one is an ‘Okay’ nail polish, it does not fulfill its claim. It claims to be ‘Banana’ coloured, but it turns out to be more of a nude or off-white shade. While the name banana implied it to be a little yellow or something, it did not turn out to be. But if you are looking for off-white coloured nail polish, then you can buy it from here: CND Vinylux Banana Nail Polish.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish

This one claims to give out 5 random nail polishes to the buyers. There are more than a dozen shades mentioned in the description, and they will select five out of them for you. They claim that they will select five different colored nail polishes for every buyer, but the comments tell that they do repeat colors in a single order. And buying 5 nail polishes for $50 and not even knowing their colors doesn’t seem like to be a good deal. Still, if you want to try your luck with these, here is the link: Lot of 5 Sally Hansen Triple Shine Finger Nail Polish.


So, these were some of the worst-rated nail products on Amazon that you should avoid buying. Also, before ordering any nail products from Amazon, remember to check their ratings and comments. So that you can know better what you are going to buy and can be saved from frauds. And also remember to take care of your nails to make them longer and stronger, so that any good quality nail polish would look good on them.

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