Success Story of Jeffree and Shane Dawson Video Collaboration

Most of us wish to get the perfect makeup look using the right products. But it may happen that even after using the right makeup palette and brushes, we fail to get the desired result. This is the time when we look for tutorial videos available on YouTube. If you have been searching for the best makeup tutorials on YouTube, you must have come across the tutorials done by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. The makeup videos and the collab videos are something to talk about these days on YouTube. If you have been following the page of this YouTuber, you must be aware of the tutorials videos and makeup guidelines that he uploads.

In a recent collaboration with YouTuber Jeffree Star about the Conspiracy Palette, Shane Dawson has shown some excellent tricks and secrets to apply the shadows perfectly giving a professional touch to your makeup.

Important facts to know about video collaboration of Shane Dawson

Among many recent engagements of Shane Dawson, one collaboration video is among the most talked-about ones. Here, Dawson plans to collab with YouTuber Jeffree Star. Both will demonstrate some makeup tutorials where Jeffree Star will help Shane Dawson to apply makeup from Jeffree Stars Conspiracy palette that comes with a lot of eye shadow color options. The video released talks about plans of creating documentaries on how to do makeup perfectly.

In the collab video, Shane Dawson stated that he wanted to show viewers the making of the actual palette and in this way, promote the product. Showing how a makeup product is manufactured from scratch will be something first of its kind that will be shown by the YouTubers. After the rumor of video collaboration, viewers were in doubt whether the video would be released for real or not. But Jeffree confirmed that his conspiracy palette would be launched soon.

The collaboration video has also been confirmed by Shane Dawson in his Instagram stories, where he talked about their joint new venture. Dawson further added that despite having little or no idea about makeup, he is interested and looking forward to coming up with the makeup product with Jeffree. So, long before Christmas, viewers can expect a makeup palette from these two famous YouTubers. Using the palette, they will try to create a new makeup look and inspiring viewers to try out the same look. Instagram followers are interested to know more about the upcoming series of the YouTubers. With better experience in the makeup world, Jeffree can rely on his best friend and come up with more exciting launches in the future.

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As per YouTuber news, Jeffree, along with Shane Dawson, opted for a patent for Conspiracy worth $50 million. The eye shadow palette will be launched by Jeffree Star Cosmetics Company, and this is surely going to catch the attention of makeup lovers who are always in search of new products such as lipsticks, makeup powder, makeups, face powder and the like. Moreover, viewers are excited to see how a makeup product is created from scratch to the finished product that they get hands-on from the stores.

Jeffree Star talks about Conspiracy Palette and his personal life

In the tutorial, Jeffree expresses how grateful he is to launch this makeup palette with his best friend, Dawson. Apart from being among the manufacturers, the creation of the product went so smooth that they both are extremely glad to share their experiences with viewers. Soon after the launch, they have sold almost 1.1 million eye shadow palettes shipping it worldwide.

Jeffree starts by applying moisturizing cream before applying premier on his face following which he applied foundation. It helps to keep skin hydrated preventing drying up of the skin. In between talks in his makeup tutorial, he stated that they are extremely happy with the successful launch of the new series of eye shadow palette. The conspiracy palette looked quite cool with zebra checks on it. Using the color of your choice with the help of the right brush shall help in the proper application of the eye shadow. The colors can be used for proper contouring.

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If you are in a hurry in using the eye shadow and all you need is a quick contour with the right shadow from the palette, the design of the palette is perfect handy to be used anywhere you need it. After using the colors for contouring, it is great to use as eye shadows. Applying with a quick hand is enough to get the desired shadow on your eye lids. Even the palette contains soft colors that can be used to soften brow lines and others. Therefore, for Jeffree, it has been an amazing year with his brand growing rapidly and achieving success.

Moving a bit from the makeup tutorial, he started to talk about his personal life and mentioned why he is planning to move houses with his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. Further, he stated that the successful launch of the makeup product was, in a way, a kind of relief from the chaos through which his life has been going this year.

Moreover, he also talked about what he thinks about the James Charles drama part being deleted from the series. Pertaining to this, Shane and Jeffree discussed whether the deleted part was irrelevant or not. Jeffree said that he is happy to rely on Dawson about makeup products as he has better knowledge about makeup with a different perspective.

Wrapping it up  

Jeffree and Shane are going to come up with documentaries in which they will be talking about their recent launch that has been a great success. Also, they will highlight the success of conspiracy palettes in the beauty industry. For the viewers of the YouTube channel, it is surely going to be something exciting with the launch of the new palette. In just 6 days of the product launch, millions of products have been sold, and people are coming up with their reviews on the same. Therefore, it can be rightly said that the Jeffree and Shane collaboration has been a great hit.

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